Moving into Your Rental Home: Cable/Internet

One of the fun parts of moving into a new student house, or moving back into your student house after the summers over, is sorting out cable & internet among other things. It's a chore, no one likes to do it, and then on top of it you have to pay money every month for the services. So the goal here is to make it simple, show you have to save some money and make it a little bit less of a chore. This post strictly deals with internet and cable, as well as cable alternatives....more

Top Free Mobile & Computer Apps for Students

As University students we already pay huge fees for tuition, textbooks, laptops, rent, utilities...and it goes on. It's unfortunate that on top of all of those costs we have to pay for computer software and other programs in order to write class notes, call people, design and watch tv shows and movies. After checking out a few sites online, here's a list of the top applications for students, and best of all they are all FREEFor Note Taking-Evernote...more

The Power of Daydreaming

Daydreaming was definitely something that was frowned upon when you were a kid, especially during class when your teacher was talking. Still it's not the greatest idea during certain activities ie. driving, but I often catch myself daydreaming a lot when walking places, especially home from work. It's the time when I get to think creatively, brainstorm and develop interesting new ideas. Daydreaming can help to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, help you develop more abstract answers to problems and live your life more creatively....more

Kraft Dinner. 10 Different Ways

As students we love our Kraft Dinner....more

Zodiac Signs and Your Career

The topic of zodiac and it's connection with career and field of study choices was something I thought up out of the blue. I recently started following @Xtrology on Twitter and was noticing some similarities in my personality and my zodiac sign -- and then the idea hit me. Does your zodiac sign and the types of jobs and university degree programs we choose have any relation? Or is it a bunch of nonsense that has no relation whatsoever?...more

Twitter: Networking and Professionalism

After making use of Twitter for the last few years just for a social purpose, and I believe that most people my age, use Twitter mainly for that purpose as well. For those that are trying to get a job, or are back on the job market for the first time in a while will find this guide quite helpful on how to make better use of Twitter and possibly use it to land your next job. ...more

Getting a Job After University: Where to Begin

A recent article made me a bit more interested in this topic. It's a constantly revolving door where employers want a bunch of experience for lower level/entry level positions, yet how are students and recent grads supposed to get this experience in the first place?...more

How to Save More from Your Paycheck: Saving & Budgeting

Aside from cutting down on food purchases at work it's important to save a decent percentage of each pay in order to save up enough money for rent, utilities, food and of course entertainment during the school year....more

How to Save More from Your Paycheck: Meals at Work

Now that you have some income from your brand spankin' new summer job, you might have the sudden urge to start spending all this new found money on breakfast, lunch and coffee everyday. The crazy thing is....your money is going to disappear really fast if you buy all of your meals etc. This is the start of a series on how to save more from your paycheck. Check out the blog throughout the summer for posts like these!How to Save by Bringing Food to Work...more