Right now, here in Su-Land, we're considering options of where to live from a wide array that includes: Close to work, but not walkable or bikeable to anything else Walkable but not near a useful bus line Walkable and bus-able, but expensive Cheap but with no other redeeming qualities Practically perfect in all ways except no car-free ways to get to work A compromise that makes everywhere equally difficult to get to You can understand why this has my brain shooting steam into the atmosphere and my eyes spinning round in my head. The lack of truly good options is underwhelming. Like this ....more

Bringing Life to the Streets

A couple months back, I read Janette Sadik-Khan's Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution, which describes her tenure as NYC's transportation commissioner and the incredible things that happened for transit, bicycling, and walking in New York with her at the helm. This isn't a review so much as a fun place to put all my thoughts. And my first thought is: if you're any kind of an active transportation user or advocate, you can't go wrong reading this ....more

#NaNoWriMo Prep: You Can Do This!

NaNoWriMo is almost here! I can't even remember if November was worth being excited about before I started doing NaNo. This is year #7 for me, my first in a new region (Cincinnati), and I have a fresh idea just waiting for me to do something terrible to it ....more

Words Can

This one's been gnawing at me for a few days, so here goes. I keep seeing folks saying all over social media some variation of, "They're just words.* That's all."No. "Just" words do not exist ....more

Rolling Along, SORTA

Wednesday is (in theory) my usual transportation day here at Cheekyness, but my days are so messed up that it can't possibly matter. So, here we are. Isn't the flower-ish logo totally adorable? ...more

Reading Challenges Update: September

Here's what happened with my reading challenges in September. I completed the I Love Libraries challenge and thought about bumping up my level one final time, but... with moving and job hunting as my current reality, and NaNoWriMo on the horizon, maybe adding library books to the mix as one more thing to keep track of is not a good idea.So my reading picked up a bit in September, and now that I'm back in the land of public transportation, I've gotten a LOT of reading done the last three days ....more

A Note of Consequence

I've thought and written about transition and in-between a lot in these few months of trying to find my next step, but until that step finally materializes, I'll still be in this transition zone without a lot else to think about.(Except tomorrow being Chadwick's birthday. I'm thinking about that a lot. Thank goodness for having a ton of free books pre-loaded on my Kindle so I have something else for my brain to do when it all gets to be too much.)I got a couple of Anne Lamott books from the library yesterday--because who doesn't need more Anne Lamott in her life?--and started reading Small Victories, in which she began jumping up and down on my attention immediately ....more

Growing New Roots

Strawberry plants, in addition to producing yummy berries (when they're in the mood, anyway), produce something else: shoots with new plants on them.So a few weeks ago, I stuck one of the shoots into a smaller plant pot filled with dirt nearby, without disconnecting it from the mother plant. It worked--kinda. The problem is, I know better ....more


If you're not as into the world of live theatre as I am, you may not know about the kerfuffle around Cameron Mackintosh's latest fiat to his cast members in the UK: they're no longer allowed to share the performances when they are planning to be out or, or, in the case of understudies, when they'll be on in place of the principal actor. Loved, loved, loved Aleks Pevec inSomething Rotten (not a Cam Macshow). I'd definitely...more

Banned Books Week 2016: Get Out There and Read

By some miracle, I remembered Banned Books Week on time this year. I'm so chuffed with myself. (Some of this is drawn from a previous banned books post, in case it sounds familiar.) As with most things, my approach to Banned Books Week feels simple but turns out to be more complicated ....more