Pep Up Your #NaNoWriMo

There's a NaNoWriMo badge this year for writing a NaNo Pep Talk, which you're technically supposed to post in the forums, but I have a blog, so here it is. This will be my sixth NaNoWriMo, and my first one not...more

Didn't Make It

My husband, who often thrived on being as different from others as possible, was eagerly looking forward to turning 40. He couldn't wait. He was so excited.He didn't make it.Today would have been Chadwick's 40th birthday ....more

Are You Going to Read That?

Every year-- I swear, every...more

You Can't Stop the Beat

I've thought about writing blog titles that aren't outright lifted from musicals, but... why?So after I picked up my blanket on Saturday, the songs that came up next on the radio could only have been timed better if my life were a '90s teen sitcom. (Which, to be fair, it sometimes seems like.) I couldn't even tell you what radio stations my car has preset; I didn't change them after we got the car, because the person who owned it before me has reasonable taste in music.I was expecting to be sad once I got the blanket, and possibly need to stop somewhere to pull myself together ....more

Old Clothes, New Blanket

Got Chadwick's t-shirt quilt back from Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts. Here's the picture they sent me: It's too big for me to take my own picture, unless I move all my furniture and lay it on the floor, which I'm not willing to do. It's a bit bigger than queen size ....more

In My Mailbox

I knew...more

I Promise I Like Non-Sad Shows, Too

Had another one of my brain-addling "two trips to the theatre in the same week" weeks. I really...more

Geared Up

I was going to run this morning, woke up with a headache, and after 30 minutes of trying to fight it off, decided to blog about running instead.Hard as it may be to believe, I am still running! And more to the point, I still get regular questions about running gear. And since I'm a runner on even more of a budget than I used to be, I'm here to help with my suggestions for low-price running stuff ....more

New Beginnings

I forgot to take before pictures, but last weekend I did this: Before we moved, Denise & I each had sizable giveaway stacks for the local thrift stores. I rummaged through hers, as is my wont, and rescued a couple of shirts I thought would be great for doing one of those...more

More About Summer Reading

If you read yesterday's post about the summer reading program I participated in at church, you may have noticed that I didn't technically answer the question "How does reading aid your spiritual growth?". While answering, I didn't address the fact that I wasn't answering the question (except to take the long way round and come in by the back door, sorta), but I do want to talk about that a bit, because there were Reasons. 1) I don't actually know the answer ....more