What Not to Wear

Hello there, yes, it's the rare Sunday Cheeky post about church-y things. If that's not your thing, I will not be offended if you skip this one. (Be warned-- tomorrow is more Les Misérables ....more

Travelling While Green

No, not *that* kind of travelling while green. Source. I've done way more travelling in the last few weeks that I've done in years, and you'd think someone as dedicated to reducing and reusing as me would have great tips for travelling earth-friendly, yes?Erm, no.I got nothing ....more

The Music of Angels, the Light of the Sun

Y'all, in the final week of July I went to the theatre three times in 24 hours. Here's a little #protip: That is a terrible, terrible idea. In this era of bingewatching everything on Netflix, it may not sound so bad, but theatre done well is emotionally exhausting for the audience ....more

Sounds Strange, No?

I should probably get my New-York-related posting done before an entire month goes by since I've been there, yes? My plan for Wednesday in New York was to see all the free things I could cram in before heading to Les Miserables...more

Overstuffed Drawers

There are two things I hate about clothes: 1) When one of my favourite things wears out, and 2) Having too many to know what to do with.As far as the first one goes, well, nothing lasts forever. I mend (in defiance of Brave New World), I treat stains carefully, I line dry to keep the tumble dryer from wreaking its havoc. In the end, if I really like it, I might add it to a quilt or a pillow, or dust rags for the not-quite-as-well-loved items ....more

789,840 Minutes

Why do we mark time as we do? What's special about a month? Who decided we need a cake once every 525,600 minutes? ...more

You Can't Get There from Here

Much to the chagrin of nearly everyone who's related to me, I am a confirmed city gal. I grew up in a small town and will carry it in my heart forever, but the woman I am now needs a city if she wants to go on being who she is. (And she does ....more

In My Mailbox #13

Technically, this will be in someone else's mailbox, because I bought it as a gift. Whatevs. Wreck This Journal, Keri SmithI love these journals ....more

Teaser Tuesday #44

Source: Goodreads. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Gregory MaguireMadame Morrible, for all her upper-class diction and fabulous wardrobe, seemed just a tad--oh--dangerous."A life without words," Elphie said, looking in her coffee and not drinking it.Unrelated: I am finally...more

When There Is No Hand to Hold

Lately I've been revisiting my list of "Do Not Listen" songs that I've built during this new life as a widow--songs that made getting through the day harder than necessary, so I put them aside until I was ready to listen to them again. In this process, some songs (like this one)...more