You Can't Just Walk Out of a Drive-In

Aaron. Tveit. Aaron Tveit on my TV ....more

Marking Time

I have three 2016 calendars in my house, and I can only suppose the only reason I don't have four calendars is because no one has shown up at my door to hand me a fourth one. My favourite of my 2016calendars. This month isCharing Cross in Glasgow.I've been there ....more

Pancake Day

There are lots of things I remember. Source: Anna Moderska on On February 17, Shrove Tuesday, Chadwick and I spent the evening at Red River Church's Pancake Dinner ....more

Carrying Capacity

While I was in college, I tended to use my bicycle as a mobile library. This was pretty rough on my panniers, since I ignored the suggested weight limits and just packed stuff in as long as there was space. As a result, I tore through two sets in four years ....more

Reading Challenge Update: January 2016

Here's what happened in my reading challenges for January. Links are (mostly) to Goodreads, which is also where I've written (most of) my reviews. Books I read for the first time in January 2016 I Love Libraries Challenge...more

About Face

It's hard to quit Facebook. And maybe most of us shouldn't bother trying. This is probably illegal ....more

Free Doughnuts! The Boys Next Door

Feelings. So many feelings. My first theatre visit of 2016 nearly destroyed me ....more

Melt It All Away

From time to time, people ask me what to do with their candles that have burned all the way to the bottom but left a fair amount of wax behind. I don't know if people ask me because I write about reusing so often, or because I do other green things so it's naturally presumed that I have have Thoughts On The Subject. Source:...more

New Year, New Gadget

What my watch said when I forgotto switch it off while I wasn'tusing it. It's very bossy. I've done a few runs now with my new Garmin ....more

Conference Time Again

Every other year (that is, years when the Texas Legislature is not in session), my office joins forces with another nonprofit to produce the Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference. This year, it's in Houston in March-- exactly six weeks away. Eeep! ...more