Final Portfolio #GradSchoolProblems

I'm working on my final portfolio for my grad program, which is technically now late, just like everything else I'm supposed to have turned in over the last four weeks. Well, longer than that, I guess, because I got behind when I went to Indiana for my grandmother's funeral in early February. I'm literally only carrying on with this right now because my options are to be done in two months or be done in nine months ....more

Casual Conversations

So, here's the thing I want to say to everyone right now but don't always have a chance to say in conversation: It's okay to be awkward around me right now. I've been in a swirling vortex of awkward conversations for a month with no end in sight, and I'd rather my friends talk to me while awkward than stay away for fear of saying something dumb. Source ....more

I'm Just Not That Good at Alphabetizing

I grabbed one of the A to Z badges while I was...more

Look What I Found on the Internet

This went rolling across my Twitter feed yesterday. It's now hanging on the wall of my office: Source:...more

How It Has to Be

I can't believe my husband and Terry Pratchett would leave me within three weeks of each other like this.But I there's this quote from Soul Music, the first Terry Pratchett book I ever read, that has gotten me through other crappy times (although none as crappy as this, I have to say): You could say to the universe, this is not fair. And the universe would say: Oh, isn't it? Sorry.You could save people ....more

In My Mailbox: Something I'm In Edition

So, this arrived today: Want a copy of this book? It's really quite good as a reference,even without my essay in it. Get it on Amazon here ....more

Oh, yeah, the Austin Half

I meant to post an Austin Half Marathon recap, but that got pushed way off my list, I'm afraid. Before the race. This was taken secondsafter Chadwick asked if I had lost mymind ....more

I Didn't Mean to Greet the Day Like This

Do the wee hours even count as day? I mean, this is still night, right? With apologies to those who work night shifts-- this is supposed to be sleeping time ....more

Long Way from Normal

Chadwick cosplaying as Enjolras at the2014 Austin NaNoWriMo kickoff party. There's no good way to break this news: I lost my beloved Chadwick to a pulmonary embolism a week ago.A few weeks ago, I was hoping to get back in the groove of blogging. Now, I'm not even sure when I'll get back into the groove of living ....more

Signs You Moved Away from Greenfield, Indiana

I just got back to Austin after an emergency trip home for a funeral, and while I doubt this post will be interesting to anyone else, it's what was on my mind the last few days. So! A few indicators that you grew up in Greenfield, but moved away a while ago: The old-old library in my hometown ....more