Yesterday morning I had a work event to go to, so I rolled out of bed and strolled past my neglected homework on the way out the door. Because why wouldn't my work have two events during the final weekend of my semester when I'm trying to write two papers and pass this thing? (I'm not really blaming my boss ....more

In More Ways Than One

This is the graphic I usually use whenI write about being a non-trad. I'veused it for so long I can't rememberw Many, many times in the course of the last five years, I've talked about the fun involved in being a non-traditional student. That mostly went away when I started grad school, since going to grad school in your mid-30s is not that unusual, but it's not like I've forgotten that a good chunk of my friends and acquaintances in Austin are 12-15 years younger than I ....more

It's Bike Month!

Want one of these? Find it here....more

"Packing is for leaving. To stay you have to un!"

Denise (my sister, for those not keeping score at home) mentioned this brilliant quote from M*A*S*H season 1, episode 3 while we were unpacking this weekend. There's a lot of un in our future. And that's after getting rid of a lot of stuff prior to the move ....more

Time (Or: Please Send Chocolate)

This doesn't have anything todo with my post, unless it's meburning the candles at bothends. All the candles. So, just in case anyone was wondering: final semester of grad school...more


So today was both the most depressing and also the most joyous Easter I can remember. Source: osmar01 Let's start with the easy one ....more

Final Portfolio #GradSchoolProblems

I'm working on my final portfolio for my grad program, which is technically now late, just like everything else I'm supposed to have turned in over the last four weeks. Well, longer than that, I guess, because I got behind when I went to Indiana for my grandmother's funeral in early February. I'm literally only carrying on with this right now because my options are to be done in two months or be done in nine months ....more

Casual Conversations

So, here's the thing I want to say to everyone right now but don't always have a chance to say in conversation: It's okay to be awkward around me right now. I've been in a swirling vortex of awkward conversations for a month with no end in sight, and I'd rather my friends talk to me while awkward than stay away for fear of saying something dumb. Source ....more

I'm Just Not That Good at Alphabetizing

I grabbed one of the A to Z badges while I was...more

Look What I Found on the Internet

This went rolling across my Twitter feed yesterday. It's now hanging on the wall of my office: Source:...more