Don't Be That Atheist.

Do you have that one friend? The one who, no matter what you say, absolutely has to correct you based on his or her belief? I think you know the type ....more

Clown Fish Sandwich

Is there any kind of Tuna that is not a fish that is getting confused with Tuna fish out there? ...more

Only You Can Start Forest Fires!

I saw a commercial the other night that was THE worst ad concept I have ever seen in my entire life.Apparently there is a new Planes movie coming out. You know, the spin-off of Cars, the movie that every child 10 and under was batshit crazy about? It is about fire rescue vehicles ....more

Google Image Upgrade: Medical SafeSearch

I recently went to the doctor because I had to go off of my medications that quiet all of my crazy autoimmune diseases and I acquired a weird sore on my thumb that caused a volcano like hole that was fairly concerning to me.He told me that if it got worse, I was to come back immediately, so of course, I went home and google imaged my diagnosis to see what "worse" would look like and then I immediately wanted to stab my eyes out with forks.I appreciate that Google image has been proactive in filtering sexual content with their SafeSearch, which blocks out hardcore images (not that I ever use it, VIVA LA BOOBIES!), but what we really need is a search filter for medical images.Without fail, every time you do a Google Image Search on a medical issue, there is one mild image showing what a normal case of the disease looks like it, and EVERY OTHER IMAGE is like a 20 inch hole with gore and carnage exploding out of it. Serious, no matter what it is. Hangnail? ...more

Señor Butter Butt

If Stevie had his way, he would eat margarine for every meal. He seems to have no shame about it. I tweeted this the other night: as I was turned to the computer, making fun of him online, this happened: My husband just stood there and watched the cat happily licking the margarine off the piece of matzo I had gone into the kitchen to get (which prompted his meowing in the first place) ....more

Hooked on Straws

We've found that my cat's favorite toy in the entire world is a regular plastic drinking straw. On the bright side, his toys are REALLY cheap, or free, basically, if I bring extras home when I go out for fast food. He'll even fetch them if they're thrown for him, and will come back and drop them at your feet to throw again.. ....more

The Supervisor

This happened the other day: Other than the talking part, but I know what his meows mean....Then last night, I'm watching TV and I look over into my bathroom, and I see this. ...more


It is a special day here on Cheeseblarg.... Which is more like... I got a cat on Tuesday from our Human Society ....more

He's An Orphan.

It was much sweeter than I expected ....more

Cheeseblarg's Anti-Upskirt Undies!

I came up with the perfect solution to Massachusetts' "Upskirt" problem. Cheeseblarg's Anti-upskirt Undies feature a copyrighted image on the crotch of your panties and comes inmany different designs. Anytime these images are uploaded to the internet, Cheeseblarg will sue the upskirt uploader on your behalf to keep your undies off the internet! ...more