Have you ever seen...

A red-eyed elephant hiding in a cherry patch?   No? ...more

Something I don't get...

When on a walk with your dog, why would you bag up the dog's droppings and then just leave the bag?Really. That's the best thing for the environment? Leaving little plastic bags of dog poop on the grass where people walk and play.I just don't get it. You think to bring a bag. You think to pick it up. Then you stop thinking? ...more

Bright Child with Aspergers

ÔÇťAdvocates for Asperger's/gifted (AG) children are eager to have them appreciated as wonderful, special children. The presence of dual exceptionality always casts a shadow over this goal. ...more

Hi, My sister and I have written a novel about a mother and her 15 year old adopted son who has ...more

Blogging Haiku

Comments left exciteFame in the void surges needCravings build the blog ...more