My workspace isn’t much of a workspace really

Once upon a time the hubs gifted a beautiful desk upon me. It was so incredibly beautiful and it meant the world to me that the hubs put it together, then wrapped it up for my Christmas present. Over the course of a year and a half, I used that desk religiously for work. I never sat on the couch or at the kitchen table. I sat there plugging away, enjoying my time working. Then the day came for us to move. The first move I still used that desk regularly....more

Tomatoes: 9 Great Health Benefits

Growing up I was always adamant for disliking tomatoes. Why? Honestly don't know. Maybe it's because I could never figure out if it was a fruit or a veggie. But does it really matter if it were one, the other or even both? Why place a label on such a juicy, delicious, healthy food item? I mean really how can you ignore the benefits to consuming tomatoes on a regular basis?...more

Breastfeeding: 7 Simple Reasons Why I Love It

My love for breastfeedingwas far from there 14 years ago when the oldest made her debut. A 2 day less then a half heartened attempt was made before the white flag was waved. Same continued with the 2 older boys. It was something that amazed me but just seemed so foreign. Fast forward to about 8 yrs later, pulling my big girl panties on; I gave it a try. I actually stuck with breastfeeding Sy till he was 11 months old....more

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Whey Protein Pancakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey Protein Pancakes! ...more

Quiet: Monday Morning Musings V.7

Oh Monday Morning how you come way way too fast for me. Another week without the Old Man, more work, and no time for me to completely anything. But as I sit here typing this while waiting for the cloth diapers to finish their cycle I wonder...Why is it that no matter how many times you want everything around you to be quiet; it is next to impossible. ...more

Sunday Confessions V.6

Fitness Friday V.3

5 Reasons Why We Need Sleep

As mom's we run ourselves ragged without much thought. We do not sleep much depending on what stage our children are in or if they're sick. A lot of the times we forgo sleep just to steal an hour to ourselves to de-stress from the day....more

Hemp Milk vs. Almond Milk: The Milk Alternatives

The other week I had posted 6 Reasons to Rethink Cow's Milk and giving you some reasons as to why I am eliminating it from Austyn's and mine's diet all together, with the hopes of perusing the rest of the fam-bam to follow suit. I received a couple of emails asking about what is so beneficial about hemp milk versus almond milk and thought it was a perfect opportunity to share with you all....more