"Life is like Monkey Bars"

When I was younger, I hated monkey bars. I just did not have the upper body strength to swing across the monkey bars with the same ease as my peers at the elementary school play ground. I tried. Really - I did. I would climb up one end, put my two hands on the first ring…hang for a couple of seconds, and then try to transfer my hands to the next ring. It was difficult for me. My furthest success was hanging on the second ring of the monkey bars before falling off....more

Counting your Miracles... Seven Years Later of Living with CNS Vasculitis

Seven years ago…on July 25, 2005, I was admitted to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario for having stroke symptoms at the age of seventeen years old. I have a rare neurological illness called primary central nervous system vasculitis. This is when your immune system attacks the blood vessels in your brain causing inflammation, and leads to a variety of neurological symptoms such as strokes, seizures, and coma. In my case, I have had all three and more....more