Minute To Win It

This year I’m all about creating special unforgettable memories with my friends & family during the holidays.  Instead of playing the same tired ole Trivia Pursuit or Monopoly games, we are going to play "Minute to Win it"!  I’ve included some of the games we are going to play.  I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs to be had by all.  Don’t forget the pictures/video if you decide to do this. ...more

Godly Woman Canvas

Wow, I was a Pinterest Queen this past weekend.  I'm leasing a booth from one of our Thrift Stores, so I had to come up with some inventory QUICK!!  Right now I'm really into "Word" art.  I decided to create a cross and fill it with traits a Godly woman strives to be/do. I have to say this is by far one of my favorite pieces.   This was a easy/time consuming piece to do.  I created the words myself, printed, cut and seperated the words....more

Cancer Canvas

I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since Steph has passed, I miss her terribly. As I was sitting at work yesterday I was inspired to create a "Word Canvas", I decided I would do a Cancer Canvas focusing on positive words and healing.  I know Steph would have loved this piece, I have a feeling she had a hand in the making of this creation :).  ...more

Texas in a Bottle

I saw the cute Candy Corn bottles on Pinterest ...more

Butterflies in a bottle

Wow what a crazy week.  I've been "Spring Cleaning" err Fall Cleaning, moving furniture, deep cleaning, replacing pictures and painting doors, who knew doors wore so hard to paint. I've been painting these doors for 3 days now, it's hard to get even coverage and no streaking, so if anyone has a tip on how to avoid all of the above, please share....more