Woman vs. Food Cravings

Chocolate. Bread. Candy. When I ask people what foods they crave, usually the answer is something along these lines. And I understand! For years I lived with a sugar addiction that kept my spoon going back and forth to the half gallon of ice cream on my lap long after I felt full....more

Slice it, Stuff it, Top it, Eat it

What’s better than a recipe? The formula for a recipe! Once you know the formula, the world is your oyster. Or, pumpkin, as the case may be....more

Walls that no longer serve us well

I skipped second grade. Actually, I completed first and second grade in the same year so technically I didn’t skip anything. But still, I was suddenly a year younger than my classmates and remember feeling totally weird in my own skin. I don’t know if you can recall those early years but to be in a different classroom with a different teacher felt a million miles away from my first grade class down the hall. I mean, in first grade kids were still eating pencil erasers. Second grade was downright sophisticated!...more

Weigh Less, Live More!


I'm laughing but it's not funny: a nutmeg warning

I had an incredibly weird experience yesterday that I want to share as sort of a public service announcement. If you have nutmeg in your pantry, please read on... ...more
Same thing here. Did the same mistake this early morning and it was hell this afternoon.  Worst ...more

Pumpin' Pumpkin Iron

I've had these seeds in the fridge, straight from the pumpkin in this recipe, for like, over two weeks. Surprise! ...more

Wakame? Wakayou.

In the past few weeks I've done embarrassingly little in the way of food preparation. Suffice it to say that I write this post while waiting for our chinese takeout to arrive. The wedding may be over but we're drowning in Crate & Barrel packaging and the back-to-work blues over here! ...more

Sandwich Least Likely To Appear In a Dunkin Ad

I got this idea from someone, on some blog, I don't remember which, talking about eating miso in ways other than soup. (Does that count as giving credit? Geez) And so I tried this as a snack and it pretty much rocks– it also quells my sometimes desire to run to Dunkin Donuts for a cream cheese fix. There are three components to my happy snack:A Sprouted Grain Bagel ...more

Better'n Clairol: Less Mess, More Fun

Dr: So, have we talked about you getting a bone density scan? Me: Um, no Dr: Well I think it's a good idea, we should set it up Me: Um, ok Dr: Because with all those premature grays, that can be a sign of osteoporosis. Yikes! Not about the bone scan, but my gray hairs are that noticeable??? Shoot. I had tried hair dye and ended up with a severe allergic reaction, not to mention purple spots all over my bathroom walls from a sloppy home-dye procedure. So that's out. What to do? ...more

Irony of the Day: Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer

This morning on the news I saw a story about pastry chefs offering special desserts that you can buy to support breast cancer. Or rather, to support breasts, um, to not have cancer. Awkward. Anyway. So haven't I been reading that sugar feeds cancer? That a diet full of processed foods actually can cause the problem in the first place? ...more