Coconut Pilau - Vegan

Mildly sweetened basmati rice with nutty aroma acquired from simmering in fresh coconut milk  spiced with fragrant mint leaves is the perfect dish for any spicy curry or stew. The whole spices jazz up the coconut milk  and the golden yellow of the turmeric takes you to a tropical paradise. This makes a great accompaniment for barbeque parties and potlucks. Freshly made coconut milk and coconut oil is essential for this recipe. Use fresh or frozen grated coconut to make coconut milk. Try not to use canned coconut or dehydrated coconut powder that will compromise the taste....more

Chapati (Whole Wheat Flat Bread)

Chapati is an essential Indian flat bread/ griddle bread (looks like Tortilla) made with whole wheat flour. This simple and hearty low gluten, low calorie bread is healthy and appeasing. 'How to make soft chapatis?' Google and you'll find umteen recipes, youtube videos and related articles. I have done this several times before mastering the chapati making technique. Most of the recipes seem so simple with few sentences of instruction. I wish it was that easy. It wasn't for me....more
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Heavenly Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache is amazingly versatile in baking. It's indulgent taste and rich velvety texture has lots of uses. Ganache can be transformed as a glaze, poured over any cake as a frosting/ icing , truffles, piped into canapes, sauce for ice cream, filling for patisserie, topping for cookies, chocolate fondue, chocolate coating, chocolate mousse, chocolate drinks and more. Usually, Ganache is made with equal proportions of cream and chocolate. But, I use little butter that gives the ganache a desirable shiny texture. The taste of the final product depends on the chocolate used....more

Orange Butter

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Banana Buttermilk Pancakes

Banana pancakes topped with summer berries and drizzled with honey is what I want for breakfast on a weekend. ...more
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Avocado Cilantro Raita

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How to Make Indian Garam Masala (A Warm Savory Spice Blend)

Most of the Indian recipes I post have and will have "Garam Masala" as one of the ingredients. Hence, I thought of posting the recipe I use in my kitchen. It wasn't an easy job, though. After eyeballing the Internet, I found hundreds of recipes for Garam Masala. Some of the compositions made my eyebrows raise. I educated myself on the different blends available around the world. I am not surprised by the fact that some think 'Garam Masala' is a Curry powder. Even some of the Indian Celeb Chefs on cooking shows refer it as 'Indian Curry Powder'....more
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Pindi Chole/ Curried Chickpeas

Rawalpindi style curried chickpeas with mild spices and a tangy kick, garnished with tomatoes. This recipe calls for Kabuli channa/ Safed channa steeped in tea decoction which gives the unique brown hue to the final outcome. Kabuli channa reminds me of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Kabuliwala', the  story about a dry fruit trader from Afghanistan and  the little girl Mimi. As every regional recipe, there is a reason for this chole recipe to be prefixed 'Pindi'. During the Partition of India, a lot of people got displaced and with them, their food practices as well. Punjab province was divided into west and east, the west part being the current Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 'Pind' in punjabi means village and hence this simple, characteristic Rawalpindi style chole preparation takes on the name 'Pindi Chole'....more
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Tangdi Kabab/ Kebab - Grilled Chicken Drumsticks

Though kababs/ kebabs originated in Persia, India has it's own share of varieties. Tangdi kabab is one such appetizer served in parties and family gatherings. Kababs made on skewers are sometimes called 'Tangdi Kabab'. I beg to differ. In that case, it's just plain tikka as 'Tangdi' simply means leg of the chicken. Heard of 'Kabab mein haddi' ( a phrase referring to a person who interferes in someone's work ). Well, Tangdi Kabab needs the annoying 'Haddi' (bone). Ideally, a tandoor (clay oven) fired by charcoal is used to grill these marinated appendages....more
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