Life is a Series of Experiments

Wish that I can have this moment for life, cause in this moment I feel so alive. ~Nicki Minaj   ...more

The Breakup App

Problem: Re-dating...more

Maternity Pants? Seriously...She's 4 Now!

This post is written by Cheryl Marquez, she is a co-founder of Hand Things Down, the social application to help busy moms give away the precious things the kids have outgrown AND get the things they need right from their phones....more

Replacing My iPhone with an iPod Touch

I've had the AT&T iPhone for the last year and I love it for browsing the Internet, texting, & IMing (when it actually gets service). In Arizona there were dead zones in the house that it didn't even register missed calls. The worst was sitting at lunch with 12 people in Vegas and the only people who could actually talk or text were the ones on Verizon. ...more