Tired of the same ole' thing for Breakfast? Do you skip it altogether?

So many of us tire from the same ole' breakfast items. Do you agree? I have an easy simple, pleasing recipe I have been making for a few years that is great for adults and the children.  Cinnamon Cocoa Pancakes!  The other one is Pineapple-Ricotta Pancakes. My family also loves Apricot Pancakes. Easy, flavorful recipes. They can be made ahead  of time and frozen  for a quick early morning breakfast!!! Give them a try I think you'll become a fan! In closing I wish you "Good Health". Cheryl "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser. ...more


What a maddening crazy morning getting everyone ready for the "Big Day". Breakfast burritos, lunches packed, driving off to be on time. Can anyone relate? Made two pans (9x12) 2 -layer beachside Eggplant Lasagna, 100 loads of laundry??? Baked cupcakes. Things have calm down quite a bit; I was ready to pull my hair out!  Have you been there and done that, too!??? If you have never tried eggplant lasagna and are a fan of both; it is a must try! Very Easy recipe.  ...more

Ah, the day before school starts up again!!!

The big question today after breakfast and early church service was is it really a school day tomorrow? Ah, was I sure? Yea, really...Just too funny. The summer has slipped by so quickly here in sunny Florida. All the school supply shopping, pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, binders, book covers and on and on. My thoughts now are on packing lunches. I have so many new ideas and recipes to share! We are so fortunate to have a plethora of fruits and vegetables available. I incorporate them daily in one form or another. Lunch packing is no different really....more


Today is an absolutely beautiful Day. There is a Air-Balloon Fest at the local airport. The "gang" wanted a picnic basket. I thought ok no problem. The count went to 18 people (children and adults). Normally, I do not fry foods a lot. They are baked or grilled. The "gang" wanted fried chicken legs. I coat them in a buttermilk batter, twice fried for extra crispy. After the first 2 batches I was wondering if I was cooking at KFC? For the good portion of the morning I fried, fried, fried  chicken legs. I smell like a chicken! Soon I will cluck like a chicken?...more

Iced Cinnamon Sweet Tea

An absolute favorite in my household is Iced Cinnamon Sweet Tea! We southerners like things too sweet (I have been told)??? A fresh pitcher is made everyday!  Another super favorite is Orange-Mint Sweet Tea! Staying hydrated in the summer heat and humidity is very important; in Florida you can dehydrate in a very short time. Since we really have no winter to speak of (Oh, about 4-5 weeks of 20's degrees) the rest of the time we enjoy our beach, in-ground pool and great get togethers with family and friends. It is almost year round....more

I wanted an Old Fashion Root beer Float!!!

All I really wanted was an old fashion Root Beer Float! So I headed to the grocery store to get the stuff I'd need. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Root Beer Soda. Easy. Got stuck in traffic (no way around it) and I was thinking the Ice cream is melting...I grabbed the console knob put the car in park, opened the (automatic) trunk and voila I found some cups. Now, I needed a way to scoop the Ice cream out. Ah, I found a few paper plates and made a paper scoop. The people behind me were watching and laughing so I waved for them to come on over to my car. They were happy to join in....more


I had a bunch of carrots, celery, zucchini in the refrigerator drawer (still fresh) so, I decided to make carrots sticks, celery sticks, zucchini sticks. Now I needed a easy fast dipping spread recipe. Ah, I found a cucumber (fresh) I peeled and diced that, placed it in the food processor, pulse it several times, added  5 ounce plain yogurt and sour cream (fresh) and chopped a bunch of fresh dill from my garden. Ran the processor on high several minutes....more

"Tribute to Robin Williams"

I as many was saddened by the news of Robin Williams death. The darkness, loneliness, his depression issues, alcoholism. We have lost a true talent to an instrutable disease/illness. Such darkness within oneself?!I hope his Family and Friends find solace. CLW ...more


The other week I was in a big hurry, Dental appointments,  errands. So, I grabbed 2 packages (from the freezer) of Lil' Smokies (sausages). Went into my pantry grabbed a 5 ounce jar of Orange marmalade. Um...yea that'll work. Set the slow cooker on low heat added the jar of orange marmalade, 1/2 cup water, frozen Lil' smokies. Put the lid on and left the house. The errands took a lot longer that I expected! Four hours later I arrived home with the "gang" to the most delicious aroma filling our home....more

Can I grill that?

What if anything can you NOT grill? Anyone out there have a clue? Experimenting over the last several weeks I have come to realize you can in fact cook anything on a grill. It could be a charcoal grill, smoker, gas grill...I am no grilling Guru not by a long shot. I had great fun figuring out what I was SUPPOSE to do rather than NOT SUPPOSE to do. No, nothing burned down; the home is intact, all fingers intact (thank goodness for oven mitts!!!). I started with fruit moved on to veggies, meat....more