National Chili Month 2014

I love; I say that sarcastically, all these foods that have their day or even months. National Twinkie Day. Sweet Chili Pepper Day ....more

Bad Food and Bullets

One of these is going to kill you. Which one, no one knows. ...more

Crushing On

October is pretty much whizzing by in our house. ...more

Perfect Crispy Fish Tacos

We have been eye-balling the Bon Appetit Perfect Fish Taco recipe for some time now, as they are mouth-watering. ...more

Crushing On

We survived our first event of the Fall season, and are home nesting for a week before jetting off again. ...more

Taco Tuesday

Happy Taco Tuesday! ...more

Saltines, You So Yummy

Dearest Readers of The Chez Us, I regret to inform you that Denise Woodward has fallen ill. Yes, once again this year, she has contracted a cold, fever, flu, or something. I dunno ....more

Crushing On

I am so happy it is Friday, even though, it means we are traveling for work next week. ...more

Slow Cooker Beef Short Rib Tacos

This recipe came about when all I had left was a mis-mash of ingredients in the house. I like to think of it as the kind of the holding onto summer just a little bit longer taco recipe. Even though, I dusted off the slow cooker to make this recipe for Slow Cooker Beef Short Rib Tacos, there is evidence of the last fragments of summer to be enjoyed ....more

Maggots and Fruit Flies

Today is Friday....more