Buttery Zahtar Hummus

Oh yes, you did read that right. ...more

Spiced Pita Chips

Pet Peeve is when I buy a bag of pita chips, which is overpriced, and I bring it home and it is only 1/4th of the way full. ...more

Crushing On

Happy Friday! ...more

Chicken Paillard

Is it weird that every time I travel for business, where we tend to eat like crap, I come home craving chicken, and a green salad or endives. ...more

Creamy Thai Curry Kabocha Soup

You are probably thinking this has become the soup series blog; ...more

Crushing On

Friday! ...more

Creamy Non-Dairy Broccoli Kale Soup

Week one of detox did not go off as planned. ...more

Crushing On

How was your first week of 2015? ...more


We headed across the pond in November for a business trip in London. ...more

Crushing On

Happy New Year! ...more