Christmas Traditions in a "Dysfunctional" Family

The feeling of growing up in a dysfunctional family seems to be common. The term "dysfunctional" indicates that the family did not function at all, which is usually not true. No matter how deep the pathology or how damaged the members, families usually DO function to some extent, especially during the holidays....more

God's Irony and Humor

God has a weird sense of humor. I've always thought so;  but now I have direct evidence, because I am now the wife of a priest!...more

The Pool

During the winter season, most of us who live in the snow belt suffer from "cabin fever" and sometimes seasonal affective disorder in which depression is fostered by lack of direct sunlight. Those who also suffer from muscle and/or skeletal disorders find themselves in more pain than during other seasons. Such is true of me. I suffer from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, and they cramp my style more during winter....more

My Fake Life on the Internet, Part 3

If you've been reading my posts about the internet, you know that I am happily married to the man of my dreams as a result of meeting and working with him on the 'net. I have also posted a couple of blogs about my other adventures on the internet, some of which were devastating, disastrous, and disappointing....more

Our Kind of Christmas

Sometimes I feel like we are missing out on all of the holiday fun. We don't have a tree up (3 cats), no lights grace the deck (bad weather lately), and we have done no Christmas shopping. It's kind of a two-edged sword because my spouse and I made a decision a couple of years ago to donate to various causes in lieu of giving material gifts for Christmas....more

Dear Midnightbliss,
I agree totally that we all have different ways of celebrating, and making ...more

My Fake Life on the Internet, Part 2

Black Box Disclaimer: You really need to read my first post on this subject, "Life on the Internet," written on December 11. That one was followed by "My Fake Life on the Internet, Part 1," in which I detailed my relationship with "Bob." This post will be the killer, so read on if you dare!!...more

My Fake Life on the Internet, Part 1

In my last post related to the internet (December 11), I wrote about finding my true love in Australia. I deliberately wrote that post first in the series because of the positive outcome and the great gift of finding my soul mate on internet chat. We have been married for 11 years  now, and neither of us chats on the net except occasionally on Facebook or to family members in Australia via Skype. We don't feel the need like we once did....more

Actually, according to the Catalog of human population he most compatible people or more

Life on the Internet

I've been on the internet longer than most of you, I would imagine. I got my first computer, a Radio Shack TRS-80, in the early 90's. I took classes in BASIC programming and then met and fell in love with the Apple IIe. My first experience with the Apple involved learning to use the arrow keys to move a rabbit around in a maze. I was hooked! Ever upgrading, I bought a IIe and then a IIc for home use, and the darned things came with a modem. My friend got her computer and modem at the same time as I did, and she placed her modem in a mayonnaise jar and sealed it up. She never used it....more

Good Lord, I Think I'm a Housewife!!

Woke up from a short nap this afternoon, and my first thought was, "Good Lord! I'm a housewife!"This apparently evolved from a housebound three days during which I have been doing some work in our home.. I have  developed a semi-system in which I work for awhile and then take a short break to read or work on the computer. (I use the term "work" loosely in this case.)...more

Life is Good, So Why the Blues?

It's that time of year. For most people, the excitement of the holidays includes shopping, decorating, and wrapping gifts. For many of us, it includes additional pain and depression -- sometimes a bad case of "The Blues."There is much to be grateful for in my life. I have a wonderful husband, a decent place to live, and enough money to pay the bills. I just got word that my blood work was excellent, and I received a great report from my recent colonoscopy. My daughter is doing so much better that she has in years, and my mom, although 90, is perking along pretty well....more