33 Weeks Post Chemo - Viva Las Cancer!!

The last year has been one filled with many different challenges, so what better way to celebrate the culmination of that then with a long weekend of bad decision making quality girl time in Vegas with a couple of the best friends a girl could ask for!  Ashley, Panama Jack Amanda, and I took the early flight out on Thursday morning, and JB  met us there later that night to kick off the trip we’ll forever call Viva Las Cancer! Viva Las Cancer, often times used interchangeab...more

32 Weeks Post Chemo - One Year Anniversary!

Saturday marked a full year from my breast cancer diagnosis. It still seems like yesterday I was sitting at my desk at work when I got the phone call. And yes, I was called at work and told over the phone that I had cancer. Not sure I ever really put much thought into how I would want to find out I had cancer before that day….but I am pretty sure receiving a phone call at work wouldn’t be at the top of the list! Thinking back to that day, the thing I remember most was the overwhelming sense of fear I had. Fear of not really knowing what my diagnosis meant....more

30 Weeks Post Chemo - Dreams

Dreams can be so deceiving sometimes!! I spent the better part of my rem cycle last night thanking God because I miraculously had hair down to my chin again. I used a flat iron on my curls and when they were completely straight, they extended down to almost reach my chin. I know my hair is really curly, but to honestly believe I had 8 inches of hair curled up on the top of my head right now…..that’s just silly. Imagine my surprise, and disappointment, when I awoke this morning to find I still have a frizzy, curly, fro as my current hair style....more

29 Weeks Post Chemo....Who Knew My Natural Hair Color Was So Dark?!

Certainly not me!  I’m continuously amazed at how dark my hair actually is as it fills in.  I guess I’m really not the natural blonde I’ve always claimed to be :) It’s getting harder and harder to hide my fro new hair under my wig these days so I’ve started going without it more and more.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but the short hair is really starting to grow on me….a little anyways. I don’t know if it’s the extreme heat we’ve been having in Charlotte the last two weeks....more

Wow.It IS beautiful. I'm happy for you; it's nice to have that beautiful hair (and face, of ...more

28 Weeks Post Chemo....Phytophanere & SkinnyGirl Fit or Bit Challenge

I finally broke down and purchased hair growth enhancement pills.  The woman who styled my wig two weekends ago for the Jeans and Jewels fashion show recommended them.  And speaking of Jeans and Jewels….photos haven’t been posted to the site yet, but as soon as they do I’ll post one.  I did take a picture of my hair…because it still looked exactly the same a week later (one benefit of a weave)…before I finally washed the curls out.  And yes, that is yarn in my hair. ...more

6 Months Post Chemo.....FAQ Time

I had my 6 month post chemo check up on Thursday morning.  All in all, it was a pretty uneventful appointment.  Dr. Frenette did an examination and said everything looks good.  I’m scheduled for my first post cancer mammogram in a month, and I won’t see Dr....more

25 1/2 Weeks Post Chemo....All Good Things Come to an End

Work has been absolutely crazy the past two weeks, so I am extremely behind on my blogs.  I took pictures last week, but ran out of time to write a blog and post them.  So this week I’ll just post both….sorry! Last week marked the end of two big chapters in my life.  First, Friday (4/29) morning at 5am marked the end of my childhood dream of marrying Prince William and becoming the future Queen of England (sniff sniff).  I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and LOVE fairy tale endings….so all of the hype around the royal wedding has been right up my alley...more

Thank you Elena! I appreciate the words of encouragement. I hope you sister is doing well!! :)

23 1/2 Weeks Post Chemo.....The Time Has Finally Come

About 4 weeks after initially dropping off my prescription and 5 reminder phone calls from CVS (oops!), I actually made the time this weekend to pick up my first dose of Tamoxifen…..the hormone therapy drug I so lovingly spoke about in a recent blog that I’m being forced (against my will) to take for 5 years....more

Hello! I happened upon your blog and thought I would share some information with you as I ...more

22 1/2 Week Post Chemo.....Acceptance

Dictionary.com defines acceptance in the following ways: the act of taking or receiving something offered favorable reception; approval the act of assenting or believing the fact or state of being accepted I personally think those definitions are a tad bit deceiving.  It’s no secret that I’ve had a really tough time truly coming to terms with, or accepting, the fact that I have / had cancer.  (Side note:  at what point does one transition from present to past tense in regards to cancer?  I’ve...more

21 1/2 Weeks Post Chemo.....Back to Dancer?

I have a big decision to make this week. Tryouts for the Carolina Panthers dance team start this Saturday….and I’ve been toying around with the idea of attempting a comeback. I was planning to try out last season for the team…but an unfortunate string of circumstances (a.k.a. the bobcats made the play-offs) prevented that from happening....more

Thanks oconnorm! It's definitely been an adjustment getting used to the short hair...I hope to ...more