Relationships and Unwanted Guests

The Final Word on the Subject

The Girl has always wanted a sister. With two older brothers and paralyzing shyness, she had never been able to make many close friends that understood what it was like to grow up girl. So when the bonus kid came into our lives and our home, she was happy to have a sister figure in her life ....more


pre·co·cious priˈkōSHəs/ adjective 1. (of a child) having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual. fac·ti·tious fakˈtiSHəs/ adjective 1 ....more


I’m failing in spectacular fashion. Our bonus kid has been struggling with learning how to be part of a family without falling into her old pattern of alienating everyone around her before they can disappoint or hurt her....more

Suck It Up, Buttercup

Have you met my friend Adrienne? Not only is she smart, talented, beautiful, and a great mom, she's also an amazing writer who was honored at this year's BlogHer as a Voice of the Year. She's also, very often, the voice in my head that keeps me from saying stupid shit out loud to people that really, really deserve it ....more

Self-Care and Guilt - Guest Post

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon making greeting cards. I’m not particularly crafty, but this is a hobby my mom got me into years ago and I enjoy the creativity of making up my own designs combined with the practicality of creating something I need anyway. I have a little spot in the basement where I have all my paper and ink and stamps and glue and I spent four glorious hours all by myself figuring out the design for this year’s family holiday card ....more

What I Learned at Lollapalooza

Yesterday, I took Tim to his first concert. I chose Day Three of Lollapalooza for a few reasons: It's outdoors It has lots of different things to do other than watch bands, and lots of space to do them in The headliner was a band we both wanted to see I was fearful, I admit it, and super-mega-hyper vigilant in my planning of the event. ...more

Dear NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams

Dear Producers and Brian Williams: ...more

Rehab Addict, Stigmatizer

This morning, the host of a show I love tweeted this: Happiness is a choice. just putting that out as a reminder today. — Nicole Curtis (@NCRehabAddict) July 19, 2013 And I died a little inside ....more

Hospitalization How-To (When You Have To)

One of my kids was in the psychiatric hospital, or the "phosp" as we short hand it in the Facebook Support Group, last week. ...more