Move Over Midol?

New Drug May More Effectively Treat Cramps  Good news: There's a new drug in clinical trials designed to target dysmennorhea, a condition where the uterus contracts with increased frequency during menstruation, causing severe cramps, nausea, vomiting, sweating and dizziness--all that fun period stuff. Dysmennorhea is the top reason to blame for chicks in their 20s missing school and work...and here we thought it must be hangovers or sample sales....more

Caution: Temper Slippery When Wet

Drinking Causes Violent Behavior in Those Who Suppress Anger  Some people aren't "themselves" when they drink. Some become "silly drunks," "clumsy drunks" or "over-sharing drunks." And then of course there's the "violent drunk." A recent study in the journal Addiction showed that violence that results from drinking alcohol is caused by an individual's suppressed anger....more

Big Fat Cigarette Butts

Non-Smokers Gain Less Weight ...more

Chick That Laid the Golden Egg

Chick That Laid the Golden Egg...more

Breast of Fresh Air

New Trial Vaccine Prevents Breast Cancer in MiceThere's no greater buzzkill than the subject of cancer, especially that which threatens your glorious ta tas, so it's exciting to note that we actually have something positive to announce on the breast cancer front. CBS News reports that, in a recent study, researchers at Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute created a trial vaccine that was successful in preventing breast cancer in mice....more