World Voice Day 2015

World Voice Day 2015 is April 16th, tomorrow!...more

Book Review, Stephanie O'Dea's The Mommy Blogger Next Door

I am so excited to share with you “The Mommy Blogger Next Door”,  by Stephanie O’Dea! This is the first book in an upcoming series about blogging. For me, it all started when I first searched for crockpot recipes and low and behold, this shows up…...more

Word of the year, 2015...Fitspiration!

My word and theme for 2015… After deliberate thinking and lots of reading some of the ladies of blogging I love, (like her and her and her) I have decided to make up a word to accommodate my wish list for my perfect word for the year.Fitspiration!...more

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Get out of your comfort zone! Let’s do it! Hey listen, I know! It’s tough to get out of your comfort zone. But that is what we must do in order to grow. And, if you want to grow in ways you never thought you could, I am here to tell you that it’s all about that damn comfort zone. If you WANT something you have never had before, then it’s gonna take DOING something you’ve never done before....more

World's Colliding and I love it!

World’s colliding and I love it! Today was one of those days that I truly love. Got up early on this super cold (for Vegas anyway!) and made a nice hot breakfast for the Little Man and then got him off to school. Then I did a little housecleaning, got ready, gathered my music and off to Summerlin I drove for rehearsal with Dangerous Curves. We are the hosts of this week’s Suncoast Variety Show on Thursday!...more

Money and Scheduling...How do YOU do it?

Scheduling and money…how do YOU do it?  This is a keeping’ it real post. Sharing my soul with you. The last 2 weeks my schedule was and is really tough. If not for the help of my husband, my MIL and my friend and neighbor, something would have had to give. Either my Little Man missing out on his Jiu Jitsu class or party, or me having to give up a gig. Neither of which is good....more

Coffee, Tea and Chicksingers!

Coffee, tea and chicksingers! LOVE it! I had the most awesome coffee date with a girl who started out as one of my cyber-friends on YouTube and has turned into my real life friend! I LOVE that!!Shelly Bort is a singer/songwriter of the most amazing sort. Her voice is positively dream-ey and she plays piano AND she writes gorgeous songs. O.M.G. And, we’re friends. I feel fancy. Just saying’…Here she is with ANOTHER of my fave chicksingers, Katie Thompson…seriously get a load of these girls…...more

Wordless Wednesday...


workin' girl! time to SING!

Workin’ girl, indeed! time to SING! I’m a little behind with my NaBloPomo posts due to the fact that my schedule to sing and teach is off-the-charts! Yippee! It started early Friday morning when, at 730am, my amazing hairstylist Christie did my hair for my busy show weekend!...more

 photo credit:Proverbs 31 Ministeries ...more