Olympians Fix Their Mind

Without even being an Olympic athlete I can 100% guarantee that there is not a single competitor who enters the games saying, “I’ll just give it a try.” The average person has no idea how focused these athletes are, not just in the physical training, but in the bulls-eye focus of their mind!...more

What is Perseverance?

In order to resist the land of negative and keep our inner mountain of worth alive it will take perseverence. What is perseverence?A bit of stubborness.Courage.To act courageously we must first dare. Daring is something that can be learned....more

Emotions: The Land Of Negative

I have spent four days in solitude, digging up emotions, asking the tough questions, uprooting my spirit, and daring to drop a pebble into my well.This is what I found:I shove, push down and squelch my emotions because I live in the land of negative!Voices of doubt ~ Your not good enough ~ haunt the core of myself where I hunt for worth but come up empty.Sometimes I discover a nugget of positivity, but immediately throw dirt over the shine, covering any brightness with objection.What have I found in the quietness?...more

Stress: Fight to Answer Tough Questions

The longer I work at building Chicks with Choices the more passionate I become about helping people get alone with God. It is here where stress is released and tough questions are answered. He is the only one who knows how to gently, yet persistently reach the core of ourselves. We have a giant obstacle, though. To get alone with God takes time. As stressed women, wives, mothers, daughters and friends, we barely have time to find solitude in the shower, let alone a space where we dare drop a pebble into the well of our own spirit. ...more

Speaking to Pain

I want to speak to your pain today, but first: what a treat it was participating with my son, Carter, as he created a vlog (video blog) for Chicks with Choices. It was posted yesterday if you missed it and all three of my children were featured in the creation....more