A Moving Breast Cancer Story

This is an article I just read today about a husband and wife cancer researchers, both of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer. It moves you to think of the irony of the situation where the disease affects those trying to cure it. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/married-cancer-research-scientists-breast-c......more

Contre Jour : The ipad Game now on the web

I wonder how many people have played the game, "World of Goo". Revolting as the name sounds, it is one of the most engaging games I have played in recent times. The time when I played it, it was a desktop application and was before all this tablet revolution took over our lives. Fast forward a couple of years, and a equally engaging ipad game came out called Contre Jour. It was based on the same premise and was now portable. It had the benefit of being touch friendly and soon made it to multiple top 10 games lists....more

Reeling it in

So I've been away for over two years now, and all this while it has been a very busy two years indeed. I've graduated from university and found my way to a job as an engineer in California and now I’m truly out in the big bad world fending for myself far away from mommy and daddy, trying to stand up on my own legs and make some lemonade out of these few lemons God has given me....more

Strong women in History

I think about all the women that come to my mind right away when I think about strong women in history and I feel ashamed that the number is much fewer than the number of men that come to mind. That is probably social conditioning at school and at home, which led us to identify with the greatness of so many men who have pioneered some revolution or another. So today I set out to educate myself, I decided that I would try to learn about at least 50 more women who have helped shape the world for us....more

Erotica and I

I'm posting this today because of something that I've had in my mind for really long now. I was brought up in a pretty orthodox Christian home, and am myself a very faithful believer in God, but of late I'm being troubled a lot by a little habit I picked up about a year back. I tend to read( and like ) erotic literature. I don't know how many people here approve of such things, in fact I really don't approve of it myself, but sometimes the urge is really hard to control. I have this huge inner turmoil that keeps coming up over and over again, and I find myself guilt ridden always....more

Consider that it is written and shared quite abit. You are certainly not ...more

Alone in the city

So here I am, sitting with my cat on the couch, updating my blog on a Saturday night. Its been a while since I was single and I'm still not single, but my boyfriend has gone home this weekend and left little 'ol me to occupy myself. It feels so strange, I'm almost always out with him or the girls, but tonight all of them seem to have deserted me :(.I wonder how many of you feel that sometimes we become so strongly entwined in our routines, that even small changes stir us up. I mean, shouldn't we be more resilient to this?...more


http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=218349I'm always primed for a good argument when topics regarding equality issues come up. I'am always on the side fighting for equality, but this article stumps me. It is simply crazy. Tomorrow someone may cite me for not having an uniform distribution of religions in my peer group. I mean, come on! There have to be limits to how far we can stretch this....more

Sexism and Society

This is something that keeps coming back to me time and time again. People around me are always telling me that I am a great person and given that I am into science and engineering, they tell me that I'm smart, but in the midst of all this I can always feel an undercurrent of condescension, especially the guys, its always as if that they suggest that I am doing good "for a woman". I just can't get over this, sort of subconscious, I'm sure even they don't realize it explicitly, sexism....more

You know, I don't have anything against women who don't show their feminine side, in fact many ...more

Women on top! An Old post on Cosmo!

http://www.cosmopolitan.com/advice/tips/21-things-women-can-do-that-men-cantA really great list, found it on facebook first and had to google it! The next time a man rants about men, I'll have an even better repertoire of replies!!! I mean, how do you beat, "Get Pregnant" lol.Love,Chicktech...more

Depressed Rant, don't take me seriously

You know these days I have such a busy schedule that I am literally running from class to class, spending sleepless nights trying to finish homeworks due the next day, spending weekends at the library, I mean I suddently have realised that I have no life! I have absolutely no "me" time, no time to mull over all those political upheavals I was planning, no time for all those soaps I need to watch and most importantly no time for make-up!...more