The Age of Ignorance

You know everyday I take that one mile walk to college, I see girls, boys, elderly people, small children, middle aged people and animals and so much more, in just that one mile. Everyday is different, I see new people everyday, and the more and more this happens, the world suddenly seems so big and intractable. The fact that each of them has problems, at home, at work, at school, just seems so redundant. I mean, I get the feeling that there will always be someone, living somewhere very close to you, that has almost the same problems as you do and perhaps similar joys and successes....more

Great post on the Gender pay gap

I found this extensive post showing how inspite of all the hullabaloo about how women are finally bridging the gap, this post shows how far we still are from equality. It also mentions that the rate at which the pay gap was decreasing has started slowing down and that is certainly not good news.

And its the worst for single women, who have to put up with this sexism and don't have a partner ...more

So late, yet not late enough!

I only discovered Blogher two days back and I'm hooked! To think it was such an accdent, a typo, blogger turning into blogher and what a wonderful typo it was indeed. So having trolled over so many wonderful articles, I can say that I'm completely in awe of all the women here and also the quality of all the blogs. I don't know if my posts will be even half as good, but kudos to all you ladies out there, your opinions and insights about all these topics here are truly worth the read, so I guess I'm in for a wonderful ride!!!LoveChicktech...more