Flying Spiders and Banana Pushers Costa Rica: Day 3

Warning this post contains strong language. O.k., The chick I went to Costa Rica with, Erin, is tough. I mean, TOUGH. I thought I was tough, but she puts me to shame ....more

Gardeners Anonymous Goes to Costa Rica…Again

Maybe I love Costa Rica so much because the whole country seems like one big, outrageously beautiful garden. I am undertaking a juice cleanse for my first three days here. Thank God I have the hotel gardens to keep my.. ....more

Miata and Meth Addict Part 2

I asked the chicken-dancing man once again if he was alright, and once again, he was unable to produce a straight answer. So I asked him a different question: “Excuse me sir, have you been drinking?” This question triggered a.. ....more

All I Wanted Was A Fence Covered With Vines and Instead I Got a Miata and a Meth Addict.

Over the past several weeks I have been busily amending the soil, tweaking the drip system, and planting three types of vines all along my upper fence so that our family can enjoy more privacy and also so that the.. ....more

Careful What You Wish For

There I was staring up through a forest, sunlight barely squeezing through thick branches, leaves closing in on me. I closed my eyes and thought back, back to a time when life was simpler, before the forest, before I learned.. ....more

Get Off Of My Vine

Birdhouse gourds are gourds that are shaped like enormous pears. After they are dried, you can cut a hole in the lower portion, stick a perch under it, and hang it in a tree. Some birds, if they squint their.. ....more

Determinate vs. Indeterminate

The beginning of this summer hasn’t been great. I tore my MCL, I came down with an evil flu which, three weeks later, still inhabits my body in the form of a sore throat and an unrelenting cough. I threw.. ....more

Rattlesnake Season-The Third Anniversary of My Rattlesnake Bite

I blew out my knee this week, and I am now on crutches. This reminds me that three years ago, I was on crutches for an entirely different reason. While photographing wildflowers on a trail near my house, I was.. ....more

I Want My Cecile Back

Butterfly clinging to spent Cecile Brunner blossoms. Putting a plant in the proper location with pay you back in spades. I planted this Cecile Brunner climbing rose two years ago as a small plant. Look at it now. Look at.. ....more