Germany Makes Provision For 'Third Gender' Option On Birth Certificates

Starting from November 1 2013, Germany will become the first European country to introduce a 'third gender' option on birth certificates....more

Shocking Beauty? Kim Kardashian At It Again With Acupuncture Facial

Pregnant reality starlet shared this close-up picture of her face, neck, cheeks and ears dotted with multiple acupuncture needles on Saturday, March 23. Kim doesn't mind going through painful extremes with her beauty regime, including a recent vampire [blood] facial....more

Strange: Kim Kardashian Gets a 'Vampire' Blood Facial Treatment

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian got a blood facial (also known as a "vampire facial") this week. She was seen making a wry face as she had the agonizing procedure filmed for an episode of her reality show. ...more
I don't have an opinion about Kim Kardasian, my only comment about this particular story is what ...more

Woman Holding Her Failed Heart In Her Hands After Transplant.

 Photo Credit: Imgur...more

Daycare Owner Bag 80-Solid-Years Jail Term.

Photo: Pat Sullivan, STF / AP       Tata is a 24-year-old Nigerian-American who used to own a Childcare center in her Texas home in U.S. She was found guilty of murder of children left in her care and was sentenced to 80 solid years imprisonment....more

You Can Deceive Your Hubby With Artificial Hymen.

Do you have money for reconstructive surgery? If you answered no to this question, then you might benefit from this article.Artificial Hymen is a type of prosthetic created for the purpose of  stimulating an intact human hymen. the product is made of a material which when properly inserted, sticks to the inside of the vagina, temporarily giving the appearance of intact hymen....more

Rihanna Appears Almost Garmentless On The Cover Of GQ "Men Of The Year" December Issue.