Do You Have A Favorite Child?

 I have two daughters. Ages 7 and 2. I was extremely young when I had my first daughter. So she spent the majority of her life with my grandparents. Still to this day I am co-parenting with my grandparents and it really is not working well. I live about a street away from them and my daughter can go between houses as she pleases....more

Did you know addiction is a disease? My story and My disease.

Some of us have known an addict. Some of us have experienced addiction first hand. I am only one of the twenty three million Americans who are addicted to drugs. Only 1 in every 10 of these people receive treatment. I am one of the lucky ones.Before treatment though, I was just like every other addict. I thought that I was in control of my life. I didnt think I was doing anything wrong at first. Until my addiction became so uncontrollable that I almost lost everything including my life....more
Thank You So much : )more

My Low Self Esteem Story

I am now a mother of two and i have struggled with low self esteem since forever. So I want to give you a few pointers on how I changed that. As a child I was over weight. I lived with my grandparents and although they were wonderful and finacially stable they were the defintion of dysfunctional. My grandmother would put me on all kinds of diets when i was just in elementry school. She did this out of love not cruelty. She wanted me to fit in so bad. She was trying to make my life what she never had but it left me with a negative effect. Low self esteem....more