The Very Banana-y Banana Bread recipe

Bananas taste great - until they start to ripen. Yes, I am one of those weird people who prefers my bananas just on the cusp of ripeness. They're perfect when they're just a little bit green, still firm. Sometimes these bananas almost crunch, they're so unripe. Once the first few little brown spots appear, they're tolerable, but not perfection. And once they're a normal person's "ripe," they're done for. Because of my exacting standards, I get a lot of "too ripe" bananas. Thankfully Munchkin isn't so picky....more

Courage to Name Yourself

I think I've recommended Vitamin D supplements to nearly everyone I know. We're all down in the dumps, struggling creatively, struggling to affirm ourselves as valuable individuals worthy of notice. I keep saying "take Vitamin D!" because it helped me out so much last winter when I was struggling, and as indoor denizens we're usually short of that vitamin anyway, so it can't hurt.*...more

Leaps of Learning

I'm a guest blogger over at the DC Parenting Coalition Blog! They asked to reblog "A Mother's Embrace," which I wrote after coming home from the NICU with Little Elf. Yay for seeing my writing somewhere else!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...more

Library Sounds

The library is a happening place these days. At the risk of sounding, well, you know, old, I remember when "Shhhhh!!!!" was a byword. I actually used a card catalog to look up book locations. (*Gasp!* Remember them?) And when you checked out materials, the librarian used an ink stamp to put the book's due date on a card in a little front pocket. My children will never experience this....more

A Curve of Love

In the first few days after Munchkin's birth I could put him on my shrunken, deflated belly and see how he'd curled up inside me. He fit just so, in that space between my hips and my ribcage. As he grew I carried him in a sling, his head resting just below my heart....more

Migraines and Potato Soup Recipe

Today I learned what three weeks of waking up every hour to nurse Little Elf looks like... a migraine. I'd say there's pretty lights involved except that for me, there aren't. Mostly everything just hurts and I want a quiet dark room and some extra sleep. I discovered several years ago that migraine medication doesn't work for me, but I have discovered some triggers; dehydration, too little sleep, stress, and oddly enough, my blood sugar levels....more

The Lifespan of Grief

I don't know if raw grief has an endpoint. But surely there must come a time when you can think of a loved one without a lump in your throat? ...more
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