Why I Can’t Say I’m An Ally to People of Color

As a white queer feminist anti-racist, I believe it’s not my place to state that I’m an ally to people of color. What I can say is that I strive to be an ally and it’s my job to keep learning what people of color consider an ally. The single most important way to learn this is to listen, and as a feminist, I am particularly committed to listening to women of color....more
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Crash Course: Holidays, Racism, and How to Apologize

A few thoughts and meditations on Halloween and various other holiday costumes and jokes that one might want to reconsider: Image Credit: Recoverlings, via Flickr 1) If I'm ignorant of the ways in which my action is stereotyping and/or mocking, I'm still stereotyping and/or mocking. 2) Describing myself as “ignorant” about something is not self-deprecating but a simple statement of fact—that I have something to learn;...more
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Crash Course: Holidays, Racism, & How to Apologize

A few thoughts and meditations on Halloween and various other...more

When You Are Most Yourself

Here’s a powerful yet brief poem and the related writing prompt that I offered at a one-day writing retreat...more

The Portrait Prompt

Concept: create a portrait of yourself as— a solo character, or a character in a specific relationship, or a character in a particular family or community Strategy: describe a painting, drawing, or photograph—of you alone, with another, or in a … Continue reading → ...more

The Clerk Says You Are Not (radio interview & reading)

Bob Flaherty from WHMP in Northampton, Massachusetts interviewed me about the SCOTUS rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 for his morning radio show. Near the end of the interview, he asked me to read ”The Clerk Says You Are Not,” a poem slated from the book that I’m currently writing. Click their logo for a direct link to the interview ....more

Free Speech? A High School’s Day Of Silence, Anti-Gay T-Shirts, Guns, And The ACLU

Are a high school student’s anti-gay, pro-gun activities creating a hostile environment for the students and staff of a Connecticut school the ACLU threatened to sue? The anti-gay t-shirt that 17-year-old Seth Groody wore to protest last April’s national Day of Silence will continue to be allowed at Connecticut’s Wolcott High School, according to the principal and [...] ...more

The Clerk Says You Are Not

Inspired by recent marriage counter protests in numerous cities across the nation, I wrote this poem to read for Marriage Equality Rally (CT) which I recently started and co-organized as part of the United for Marriage: Light the Way to Justice coalition. The rally took place at the federal courthouse in Hartford, Connecticut on March 25, the eve before SCOTUS heard arguments regarding Proposition 8 and [...] ...more