America's Addiction to Horror

First off, I'd like to apologize for not posting any blogs in the last couple of most. With some crazy events taking place in my life, it's been very difficult to get time to sit down and write a blog worth reading. But I'm here now, so lets pick up where we left off.Now, I'll start with what I intend to speak about today; what I believe to a cultural addiction to one of the most nortorious genres in American film making, the horror movies that shock us and leave us shivering in our theatre seats in fear. ...more

Alcoholism: Personal Epidemic

Alcoholism is one of the leading addictions in current society today. It takes people away from their jobs, their families, it takes people away from their entire lives. Many stars have been included in the downfall Alcohol can cause. Stars like Truman Capote, Amy Winehouse, and most recently, Robin Williams. It's killing people as we speak; however, because so many non-alcoholics like to drink, not much has been done to stop it. Yes we have AA, we have numerous kinds of addiction counseling programs, yet we still have people falling apart at the seams with the bottle still in hand....more

Planting the Dahlia: A Murder Unsolved

Unsolved murders are becoming more consistent than the murders police are actually able to solve. We watch the news, wait for the updates of possible suspects (assuming police can keep from tripping over each other in the field, and take a hard look at the facts before them) but nothing. When suspects are brought in, we watch the headlines hoping these monsters have been taken off the street, only to find they've just hit a dead end. This couldn't be more true than with the murder of Elizabeth Short; AKA, The Black Dahlia....more

Human Addiction to Pornography

The deepest looks into the intmacy of other human beings, I believe, is a subject of common intrigue. We watch romantic films, read romance novels, and try to imagine ourselves in the arms of the attractive protagonist. Where, however, does this obsession jump to a level of perversion and deviancy? It seems to be a fine line we true to walk. We hide what our natural desires might be for the fear of being cast out as a pedophile or sick individual....more

Tattoos, A Culture, A Medication.

Tattoos, piercings, along with other forms of body art have been apart of history for more than a thousand years; acting as different right of passages for many different cultures, not just as a part of our own. To solidify marriages, to remember those we love who have passed on (In Hawiian cultures women had their tongues tattooed to mourn the loss of their husbands, a very painful thing to do), also to celebrate the birth of new lives. Despite these facts, much of this has been forgotten in the passing years....more

A Genie Set Free?

The post that will have my short story is still in the works. So for right now, I'd like to talk about something else. Not just because it is trending on sites like this, but because it's something I really do care about. The death of Robin Williams....more

Day One: Follow up

I've realized in reading my first post over that there are some things I should have put in. For one, links to the channel; another, how and why my interest turned toward the channel; and last, what it gives me, emotionally....more

Day One

Day one of this new endevur, already I find myself with a new feeling of hope. Maybe it's not exactly hope, rather something close to it....more