My grandpa

My mom called earlier tonight telling me my dad's dad (I guess I could say grandpa) had a 3rd stroke. He's fine- I mean as well as an 87 year old man could be after having a 3rd stroke. My mom said he looked somewhat "angelic." He'd lost a lot of weight and his skin is baby butt smooth.   So that got me thinking and remembering. I have bits and peices of memories of him. You know, normal grandparent type stuff- him yelling at a 7 year old me to get out of the way of the TV cause the football game was on....more

a rainbow of foods!

So I was thinking of new and creative ways to get my uber picky 3 year old to eat something other than just bread and I thought I'd have a color themed dinner. Like everything to be red or orange, etc.   The problem is that I'm having trouble thinking of and finding main dishes.   Lets say I wanted to do orange... any ideas? Or yellow- I'm just stumped.   I thought if I maybe did red/pink I could do salmon. Green I could do pesto. But I'm racking my brain trying to think of main dishes for othe colors....more

Orange - squash (think acorn and butternut), pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, orange ...more

Need serious potty training help and advice!

Our oldest son, Paul, just turned 3 this passed December. He keeps taking 2 steps foward one step back when it comes to potty training and I'm ready to pull my hair out! I know he's ready- he started showing EVERY sign under the sun *months* ago.  He is rightthere! But here we are, still buying diapers. So let me tell you the exact problem(s) and maybe you guys have some ideas and advice. ...more

Thanks :) I'll try easing up a bit- that makes sense


Ahoy mateys! Arrrrr!

If it wasn't already evident I, we, did not have a "normal" childhood. While other children were playing with their new store-bought toys- their toys of the latest and most popular characters- we were in the backyard with shovels, dirt, bicycles with no tires and anything else we could find.  One of my personal favorite games to play was Pirates. Every now and then it would start to rain. This was not your every day rain. Rain that replenished the Earth. Rain you could smell coming from miles and hours away....more

I'm a bad mommy because....

I don't rush to scoop them up the second they cry. I don't put our family in debt to buy them organic fruits and veggies I tell them 'No' They've never slept in my husband and my bed I don't carry them around I know where my priorities lie- I grew up dirt poor with an abusive mother in the ghetto so getting worked up about things like red ink being bad to mark a child's homework is ridiculous. I swat their tushies. I believe if you've been abused you understand the difference between a spank and abusive behavior. ...more

I agree on all your points so I'm a bad Mommy too! Honestly I frequently admit I am not a ...more

Woot, bring on the superheroes!

Every Tuesday Stephen and I open our home to about 5 or so guys and we all sit around in our basement and play role playing games. I know, how cliche right? For the record the only time we light candles is if we're playing Cthulu, we'd much rather eat Ranch Doritos than Cheetos, and if someone started using words like 'thy,' or anything that ends with a 'eth' they'd be laughed out of the room. ...more