Good-Bye to CCn'Y

Sometimes our priorities change....more

Hollow Hallaweeny!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab! ...more



Will Crochet, but not today

Have Hooks, Will Crochet, but not today Day two of my exile into unemployment brings little motivation to crochet today. Don’t know that I’m particularly depressed, I’m not feeling sad. I’m pissed ....more

Baking, Booze and Yarn

Government Shutdown I guess with all this time on my hands I'll have plenty of time to get my crochet on...that is of course after I awake from my drunken pity-fest....more

Deja Vu All Over Again

I was all prepared to start this season of blogging on a good note. I had to rewrite this post a bit assuming that the Government was shut down and I was unable to acquirer a computer to post (I do my post at work until I’m able to buy a new one). If that is the case I won’t be writing until Congress gets its act together and run the country…but let’s not harbor on the politics ....more

Only Coffee Could Make Me Write Today

I will resume posting next week, starting on October 1st (that if the government doesn't shut down), but I wanted to say hi and to mark this glorious occasion by mentioning that today is International Coffee Day. Starbucks will be giving out free sample of their Ethiopian Coffee today as I'm sure are other coffee shops around your area, so stop by and pick up a cup of your favorite Java, savor the aroma while you celibate Liberty and Freedom by the pound! #Starbucks #Caffeine #Addiction ....more


I'm having a hard time writing about the High Holidays this year, not sure why. I come to this day with full repentance; not solely for where I have fallen short with my devotion to G*d and service to others, but also an apology to myself. ...more

Sweet, Joyful and Happy

We will be off the blog for Rosh Hashanah for the next couple of days....more

Overcome Ignorance, Intolerance and Stupidity

In started with this... Required this... ...more