Berry Peach Chickpea Flour Breakfast Crisp

For most of the summer I’ve been posting on Tuesdays–just a routine I’ve settled into–but I’m so excited about this recipe that I want to share it just...more

Weekend Reading, 8.28.16

Here we are, at the end of August. Late...more

Super Versatile, Homemade Cherry Tomato Jam

First, a sincere thank you for your responses to Tuesday’s post. Some follow up thoughts after today’s recipe. At this time of year my counters are usually teeming with tomatoes ....more

Recovery as a Practice

A few weeks ago, I said something in a weekend reading post that seemed to resonate. I mentioned that recovery “may not take the form of an earth-shattering solution or insight. Instead, it may take the form of small actions that we repeat consciously over time.” I’ve spent some time thinking about this statement in the weeks since ....more

Weekend Reading, 8.21.16

Happy Sunday!...more

Slow Cooker Spiced Lentils and Cauliflower from Inspiralize Everything

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’m back in town after a short, yet meaningful...more

Quick & Easy Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Mac n’ Cheese

I don’t tend to equate comfort food with convenience or ease. A lot of my own favorite comfort foods–baked casseroles, enchiladas, lasagna, lentil loaf, veggie pot pie–involve a lot of prep work, and then usually some assembly and some baking. I don’t mind this ....more

Weekend Reading, 8.14.16

Happy Sunday, friends. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm for Jackie’s book! Another quiet and slow weekend here, punctuated by some housekeeping and some time catching up with friends ....more

Vegan Fish Taco Bowl from Vegan Bowls Attack!

In both my day-to-day life and here on the blog, 2016 was the year of bowls. Lunch bowls became an everyday thing for me, and then they started to take over my Instagram account. In March, I wrote a post detailing how I assemble my lunch bowls, with details about my favorite fixings and the nutritional guidelines I use to help guide me ....more

Vegan, Gluten Free Banana Bread Blondies

I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to make the statement that I prefer blondies to brownies, but it’s within the realm of possibility. I’ve always loved blondies–it’s that contrast of a soft, almost caramel-like center with the bold and slightly bitter taste of chocolate. With brownies, chocolate is all you taste (well,...more