Weekend Reading, 7.24.16

It is blazing hot here in New York City. Like everyone else, I’ve been trying to keep cool and stay indoors, and I’ve been bemoaning the humidity....more

Easy Lemon Pepper Tempeh & Vegetable Pasta Bowls

Now matter how my eating patterns shift around to accommodate changes in schedule, the demands of recipe testing, or the pace of my life, my lunch bowls...more

White Bean Artichoke Kale-sadillas with Green Herb Dipping Sauce

Quesadillas aren’t necessarily a summertime food, but I do tend to make them more often than usual when the weather is warm. They’re low key and require very little cooking time, which is a boon on hot and humid days. Plus, they’re endlessly versatile, a perfect vehicle for all sorts of vegetables, spreads/sauces, beans and other proteins ....more

Weekend Reading, 7.17.16

Happy Sunday. It has been a very hot, if beautiful and sunny weekend here in New York. I’ve gotten caught up on email and work, and now I’m back in the process of cooking, testing, and cooking some more....more

Hot or Cold Thai Carrot Coconut Lemongrass Soup

When my interest with raw food was at its height, cool soups became one of my favorite types of recipes. It was cool to realize that blending a few simple ingredients could result in perfect gazpacho, a quick “tortilla” soup, or a chilled avocado cucumber soup to die for. This hot or cold Thai carrot coconut lemongrass soup offers the best of both worlds: it’s simmered in order to release the flavors of lemongrass, ginger, garlic, and curry, but it can be served either warm or chilled, depending on what you’re in the mood for ....more

Weekend Reading, 7.11.16

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m back from Colorado, where I had a great time. It would have been difficult not to enjoy the trip, given that Ashley and I haven’t seen each other in a long time and had much catching up to do as friends ....more

Weekend Reading, 7.4.16

Happy July 4th, everyone! I hope you have a celebratory day, filled with good company and good food. Steven and I are having a low key holiday at home this year ....more

Protein-Packed Black and Kidney Bean Quinoa Salad

It can be daunting to ponder vegan options for a July 4th get together. Should one go with something traditional and suitable for grilling, like veggie burgers, tempeh skewers, or seitan? Perhaps it’s better to create a crowd-pleasing side dish, like potato salad or pasta salad ....more

Spicy Seitan Sofrito Bowls

I’ve heard it said that tofu, tempeh, and seitan are the “holy trinity” of vegan proteins. I’ve been an ardent and tofu and tempeh lover most of my vegan years, but seitan has always been a tough sell for me, which is why I’m particularly excited to share...more

Weekend Reading, 6.26.16

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you’ve had a nice weekend. I’m moving into the home stretch of my summer MNT class, and I couldn’t be more ready for it to end ....more