Weekend Reading, 12.28.14

Here we are, in the final days of 2014. It has been quite a year, and I look forward to sharing some reflections with you all later this week. For now, some weekend reading, brought to you while Steven and I dance into the wee hours at my friend Gabi’s wedding ....more

Blueberry, Banana, and Walnut Oat Bake

When I was a post-bacc student, I ate nearly the same thing every day for breakfast: an overnight oat/chia combination with dried fruit and hemp protein. It was delicious, fast, filling, and super nutritious. One downside, though, was that it was cold, which wasn’t always comforting or soul-satisfying in the winter months ....more

Weekend Reading, 12.21.14

Happy Sunday, friends, and welcome to another weekend reading–our last pre-holiday edition of the year! I’m excited to share five scrumptious recipe links and five thought-provoking articles, as always. Let’s start with something light and snackable: an unusual baked kale chip recipe from Essential Vegan ....more

Holiday Giveaway: Win a Superfood Smoothie Kit from Beaming

We’re about to enter the season of resolutions, and we all know what this means. Lots of chatter about trimming, toning, cleaning, detoxing, and other such goals. It’s hard to turn all of this food noise out, but what we can try to replace it with worthier and less superficial goals ....more

Raw Cacao Goji Truffles and a special announcement!

One of my favorite holiday activities each year is to prepare a boatload of edible goodies—from macaroons to candied nuts to DIY hot chocolate mix to granola—and gift them to friends. I had every intention of continuing this mirthful tradition this holiday season, but alas: school+work+freelance jobs have gotten the better of me, and I haven’t been great about edible giving so far. That said, I did create one special edible treat over the weekend, and it’s so good that it may just compensate for the overall dearth of goodies at home ....more

Maple Roasted Acorn Squash and Red Quinoa Salad with Baby Kale, and Cashew Cheese

Before Steven and I started dating, meal-sized salads were my go-to dinner option, especially during those busy post-bacc student years. Sharing my life with someone has meant sharing my meals, and this has meant a delightful journey into more varied and creative dinners. That said, Steven and I still enjoy a giant dinner salad at least once a week–lately, it’s been our restful Saturday night ritual ....more

Weekend Reading, 12.14.14

Happy Sunday, friends. It’s been a busy week here at CR, with a new green recovery story, two giveaways (one to win two tubs of delicious, smooth tasting vegan pea protein from NuZest USA, the other to win a copy of the fabulous Candle Cafe holiday cookbook). Let’s pause for a moment to savor some weekend reading, shall we? ...more

Nuzest Pea Protein Holiday Giveaway (and Interview)

I’ve written two rave reviews of the Clean Lean Protein from NuZest USA (here and here). Unlike other protein powders I’ve tried and liked, NuZest has stood the test of time for me: it’s been over...more

“Something in Me Was Set Free”: Maike’s Green Recovery Story

Happy Friday evening, CR readers. I always love sending you all off into the weekend with the inspiration of a Green Recovery story, and this one is particularly inspiring. It comes to you from my reader Maike, who is the author of the blog Elderflower Kitchen ....more