Weekend Reading, 5.3.15

Happy Sunday, friends! I’m returning to New York right now from Pennsylvania, where I was lucky enough to celebrate a dear friend’s wedding yesterday. I hope you’ve all enjoyed some sunshine and rest in the last two days ....more

Lentil Tamarind Barbecue Burgers with Chickpea Fries for The International Year of Pulses!

It’s not unusual for a vegan to love beans and lentils, but my love of pulses may go beyond the pale. I eat pulses...more

Strawberry Mache Salad from Kathy Patalsky’s Health Happy Vegan Kitchen

Normally, I’d start this glowing cookbook review by telling you all about the author, Kathy Patalsky, and how talented/cool/inspiring she is. I don’t think I have to, though, because readers of my blog have heard me sing Kathy’s praises before. Most recently, my readers...more

Gluten Free, Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars

Am I the only one here who’s just a little intimated by rhubarb? I love the way it looks, I love nearly every recipe I see it in, and I love the color (or colors, I should say—on any given stalk of rhubarb one is likely to find shades of green, light pink, and a brilliant, dark rose). But this sturdy, stringy, sour vegetable–which has been used medicinally in China for thousands of years–continues to elude me a little ....more

Weekend Reading, 4.26.15

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you’ve all had restful weekends so far. Big thanks to those of you who entered my Oriya Organics giveaway on Friday ....more

Mocha Pecan Energy Balls and Oriya Organics Giveaway

Two years ago, the folks at Oriya Organics, a company focused on whole foods, high quality supplements, reached out to me and offered me the chance to test their green powder. I’m not a big on green powders–unless I’ve been traveling for days and have had no other means of getting greens in, I’d rather focus on whole vegetables–but I did appreciate the integrity of their product, and I created a groovy spirulina salad dressing with it. Recently, Oriya reached out to ask if I’d also be interested in sampling their protein powder blend ....more

Black Bean Skillet Scramble with Cheesy Polenta

I like all of my meals far too much to make such bold statements as “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But I do love breakfast a lot. I’ve always loved breakfast. As a kid, I relished Cream of Wheat and oats ....more

Minted Pea Soup with Cashew Cream

It’s pea season, and I couldn’t be happier. I love peas, in anything and everything. I love pea puree (especially when it’s paired with some cashew cream) ....more

Weekend Reading, 4.19.15

A big thank you to everyone who kindly read and commented on Steven’s post on Thursday! In case you missed the post, my boyfriend said a few words about his fear of coming across as a “difficult” customer, now that he’s eating vegan with me in restaurants....more

Practice Makes Perfect: Being a “Difficult” Eater

In December of 2014, the Human Research Council published a study on current and former vegan/vegetarians. The results were not totally surprising, but they were a little disheartening. In a cross-sectional study of over 11,400 vegans in the US, about 70% of those who had tried vegan diets were found to have stopped being vegan ....more