Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Marble Loaf

As you might have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately. Part of this is seasonal: fall is baking season, and I experience a frisson of excitement for muffins and loaves and pies every year at this time. It’s stronger this year, though, and it feels more intentional than merely partaking in the season ....more

Weekend Reading, 10.16.16

Happy Sunday, and thanks for welcoming Elizabeth’s brave and open Green Recovery Story to the blog this past week. I so appreciate the comments and supportive words, and I’m sure that Elizabeth does as well. It’s been an interesting week ....more

When You Take a Step Back, You Can See the Big, Beautiful Picture: Elizabeth’s Green Recovery Story

In the years since I began writing this blog, I’ve received so many comments that...more

Caramel Cinnamon Crispy Treats

I’ve never been a...more

Weekend Reading, 10.9.16

“When you don’t know what to do or how to move forward, stand still.” This is a piece of advice that my mother gave me during my post-bacc years. That time in my life was marked by a lot of indecision and agonized choices–most often, the choice of whether or not to keep going with my program for another semester or not. I’d receive yet another poor...more

Autumn Lima Bean and Butternut Squash Succotash

I’ve always been a little smitten with the word “succotash.” It goes in that class of words (along with, I’d argue, skillet, cobbler, casserole, dumpling, ragu, and pie) that seem to evoke warmth, coziness, gathering around the hearth–all that. In fairness, it’s not just the word that gets me. I’m also very partial to the real-life dish ....more

Classic Vegan Banana Bread

It’s important to be careful when naming a blog recipe. This is something I’ve always known, but I was reminded of it this past week, when I read Food52‘s take on the many internet recipes labeled as “best.” The gist of the article is that the pressures of search engine optimization have compelled us all to throw around a superlatives (best, easiest, etc.) a little too liberally....more

Weekend Reading, 10.2.16

For a long time, I thought of myself as someone who thrived off of being busy, very busy. At the least, I knew that I tended toward being hyper-productive, which felt sort of like the same thing. When I look back now on my post-bacc years, or my...more

Spicy Peanut Tempeh Lettuce Wraps

One of my professors recently asked me if I had some good ideas for vegan party appetizers. I piped up immediately that she could make hummus, or white bean dip, or roasted cauliflower dip, or smoked eggplant dip. And then I realized that, to hear me tell it, the only appetizers vegans eat or serve is some sort of dip ....more

Sweet Potato Millet Pancakes

I was curious to see how long it would take me to break out the canned pumpkin this year–it’s a waiting game each autumn, a question of when, not if, and once I get started there’s no stopping me–but this year, sweet potato seems to have beat pumpkin to the finish line. I can’t think of a more wonderful use for it than these...more