He Was Like a Super Hero

Yesterday afternoon was like any other day after school. Little kids came home, threw their stuff everywhere, ate snacks, talked about their day at school in increasingly loud volumes. Then my middle schoolers walked in the front door. Mom, you need to call the school. Like right now. Why? I caught two kids being mean to [12-year-old brother] in the hallway after school. It's just ... you need to call the school. ...more

Oh, your post was so beautiful.  As a fourth grade teacher and a soon-to-be Mom (first ...more

BackTalk:Caffeinated Kids

Do you let your children drink coffee? What about caffeinated soda? What about those energy drinks, like Red Bull? On this weeks show we explore this topic. ...more

Guilty!  I can't get away with ordering myself one of those coffee drinks from Starbucks ...more

Backtalk- What Did YOU Talk Back About?

So this month we talked about breastfeeding, vacationing with your children, and blogging about teenagers. As long as you aren't blogging about breastfeeding your teenager while on vacation you probably have good company in the momosphere. ...more

Coming Up on Backtalk: Is It Really a Vacation If You Bring the Children?

"How was your vacation?" a friend asked shortly after I returned home from our latest family trip. "I think one day I will look back on it and remember it as fun." That was the best answer I could give. Next week on Backtalk we are talking about the family vacation. Is it calm and serene or is it more like a Chevy Case movie? I happen to believe that a vacation with young children is an oxymoron. When I said this out loud my oldest son piped up, "Vacation with children is for morons?" Uh sure, that will work too. ...more

It's true. Once you have kids, vacations change. No more late night, wine-fueled, ...more

Coming Up Next Week : The Mom Body

I have written before that I wish I had appreciated the body I had when I was twenty. I wish I had known that it was as good as it was ever going to get. In this episode we are talking about mom bodies. Love 'em, hate 'em, if you have given birth you have one. We will discuss bloggers who are accepting their bodies just as they are and others who are working to change them. Anyone else a Shredhead? ...more

After my first baby 5 years ago, I thought I was happy eating my Key Lime pie and staying ...more

This Week on Backtalk: Family Size

Whether you have one child or 18 children, there is always someone with an opinion about the size of your family. And they are often not afraid to tell you. ...more

Ohh that made me cry!  You sound like a lovely mama. 

We only have one child too -- I ...more

Tell Us What You Want To See Next on Backtalk

So far we have covered a variety of topics on Backtalk. The ethics of Facebook, how the economy is effecting all of us, mom bloggers who inspire us, blended families... just to name a few. We have three shows coming up in the next weeks in which we discuss family size, a topic obviously near and dear to my heart, body image post motherhood, and the business of mommy blogging. ...more

To answer your question about age appropriate clothing, I'll be 50 next year and I agree, ...more

Backtalk:A Recap

This past month we covered the Economy, Divorce, and Education. How we chose to educate our children. This is a topic about which we all have an opinion. Whether we are homeschooling or sending our children to public or private schools. making the decision is not something any of us take lightly. The show that elicited the most responses, by far, was about the economy. I am not sure that there are any of us who have not been affected. ...more

Coming Up On Backtalk, and a Call for Submissions

Our next Backtalk episode deals with first wives, second wives, parents who blogged through divorce, and those who have blended their families. Some let it all hang out and others are very discrete about what they mention. We discuss: Mindy, from the Mommy Blog Mir, from Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Laid-Off Dad Katie Allison Granju, who blogs about her blended family ...more

Talk Back to Backtalk

The first three episodes of Backtalk have now launched. They are all available for viewing here. It has been so much fun featuring you and seeing many of you for the first time. The show that really seemed to touch a nerve was the one about Facebook. Boy, did you all have a lot to say. ...more