A Bump in the Road - Learning to Drive Never Ends

Sometimes the best way to learn is from experience, and experiences, especially those that frighten and remain ingrained. Last night as I was driving home, another car hit mine, which I guess qualifies as an experience. I was driving in her blind spot and she went to change lanes, swerving right into me....more

Daddy Can Do It!

  Munchie is a total Daddy’s girl. If Daddy is around, everyone else is fois gras. So when for the past couple of months she has been halting anyone trying to do something for her with the phrase “No!! Daddy can do it!” it was simply understood that she wanted Daddy to do it. Sometimes it was cute, but most of the time it was just inconvenient....more

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Day Care

  Daycare is an expensive, necessary evil for the working mom. When you pay an arm and a leg to have someone watch your kids while you are at work, it only makes sense that you would want to get the most out of it for yourself and your children. Regardless of the type of schedule you may have, or the needs of your child(ren), there is a program out there for you.   ...more

A Humorous Letter To My Children

  Dear Munchie and Ducky,...more
@TiaBach Absolutely!more

Why Does Using Daycare Give Me Guilt?

I am a mother. But I am also a woman, and a human. I have needs. And one of those needs is some quiet, alone time. So why does asking for it make me feel so guilty? I have no problem sending my children to day care while I am at work. I see this as a necessity. I happen to work a 4/10 shift, meaning I work ten hours a day, four days a week. I have Fridays off. We pay for daycare for the full week, but I rarely, if ever, send my children to daycare on Fridays. I feel it is my duty as a parent to never part from them....more
I work four days a week and after a couple of months started sending my toddler to daycare all ...more

3 Must Have Kids Toys

   I am a meticulous shopper. I do all my research before buying anything, and I  put a lot of thought into my purchases. The following three items are absolute must haves for a toddler.  Some kids recieved these for the holidays. But in the event your little one missed out, you can still make it up....more

Having Fun With Daddy

  In our house, Daddy is the fun one. Mommy puts the kids to bed, makes them eat their veggies, tells them not to play with this, that and the other, takes them to school, and generally makes them do all the things they “need” to do. Daddy plays with them, makes funny voices, chases them around the house and is, for lack of a better term, the “fun” one. ...more

10 Fun Winter Activities


Exercise Motivation


Lay Off The Candy

  I have been reading numerous articles about Halloween candy. And most of these did not have anything to do with which kinds are the favorites, or the best. Unless of course you count which ones are the best for your waist line, your children’s health, your children’s waist line, or your own health. Or any other combination you can come up with. ...more