Road to an Imperfect Life: I'm Done Looking at the Flying Pony

Road to an Imperfect Life:I'm Done Looking at the Flying Pony"Mom! Look!"Lola waits for me to look and tosses her stuffed toy pony in the air. "Look, she flies."I feign astonishment. "Wow! I see that!"Two seconds later."Mom! Look!"She chucks the toy pony into the air again at a slightly higher, yet longer reach. Pony goes flying across the couch. ...more

The Parenting Package

The Parenting Package We did Easter over the weekend. ...more

So We're Banning Bossy Now?

One morning last week I grabbed my coffee and sat down in front of my laptop with the morning news mumbling in the background. Business as usual.  ...more

Wall Collage: Tell Your Story

It's Thursday! As in Throwback Thursday, y'all!So I was thinking I would revisit some of my old posts and feature them again only with an update....more

Blogging: It's Not What You Think

BloggingIt's Not What You ThinkMy one year anniversary with Momma Candy came and went without much acknowledgement. ...more

Take Care of Each Other

We were invited to a birthday party a few months ago of a little boy close to Christian's age. It was at a park. Christian is getting bigger and not looking like a baby so much so we get a lot of stares. We have a safe little bubble, our family, his school, of people who know him and love him. But when we step outside of the bubble it's glaringly apparent that Christian is different. Those who stare the longest and even make comments or look terrified are usually kids, mostly boys, that are pre-teen, around the ages of 8-10. ...more

The Ol' New Year's Try

The Ol' New Year's TryHappy New Year!We had a wild and crazy night at the hottest spot in town - our house. And there were these crazy animals all over the place - my kids and husband....more

Boudoir: I did it.

BoudoirI did it. Something happened when I turned thirty. Things fit a little differently. And because in my head I still considered myself to be in my twenties, I knew all I had to do was workout and eat right. Right? So I did that for a while and I lost an acceptable amount of weight and inches. That brought me to last summer. I was in the best shape I'd ever been post babies. I felt good, not deprived, and proud of myself.  ...more
Karen Ballum :-) Thanks!more

Football Camp in Ireland for $3500. Easy, right?!

Football Camp in Ireland for $3500. Easy, right?My teenager really loves football....more
Karen Ballum Wow! Two days?! It does really suck. And it was would be so much easier to brush ...more

I'll Take Pictures When I Want To

I'll Take Pictures When I Want ToA Case for Photo AddictionRecently I've been making an effort to hold back on pictures. Taking pictures, posting pictures, Instagramming pictures, filtering pictures, all of it. Although, I'm sure my Facebook friends and fans might beg to differ....more