Romancing Your Husband During A Financial Hardship

An unemployment or financial hardship can easily extinguish the flame of passion in your marriage.  That's why it's so important to do your best throughout the year to show your mate how much you love them.   Now, I know this isn't always easy to do, especially when there's so much stress and money is tight.But to keep the spark alive, you'll need to be open-minded, creative, and willing to put forth an effort to intentionally show your love in tangible ways.   Particularly on special occasions like Valentine's Day or an Anniversary....more

Faithful Obedience

Imagine one morning as you're enjoying a hot cup of whipped cream and crushed candy cane topped cocoa, when suddenly God speaks to you.  Instead of telling you how much He loves you and that He's got big plans to bless you, He asks you to take your firstborn child on a long, three day journey to the top of a particular mountain where you will need to murder your child as a sacrifice to prove your love for God....more

10 Tips For Putting Your Kids To Bed With Love

Children are a huge blessing from God.  Between their sweet smiles, innocent eyes, precious hugs, boundless energy, and insatiable desire to explore and learn, it's easy to love them so much. But we all know how temperamental and exasperating our kids can be when they haven't had enough sleep.The problem is, it's not always such an easy task to get them into bed and asleep for the night.  In my experience, the best results have come only  through a consistent and loving bedtime routine. ...more

10 Ways To Get Some Much Needed Mommy Time

When was the last time you found a few minutes to sit in silence and actually hear your own thoughts?You know, a moment when you don't have a child hanging on your leg, begging for a snack, a drink, your time, your attention, or for you to be their Barbie playmate.Or a free moment of not feeling the pressure of the household chores tugging at you....more

God's Creations

God's creatures are all around us. One of the things my children have loved about living in Western PA is the abundance of wildlife that is always presenting itself for their enjoyment. Since moving here, God has shown us the beauty of His creation in many ways.A few examples worth noting:...more

Movie Night

Do you have a regular movie night tradition with your family? I love creating family traditions that bring me, my husband, and my children all together for time to enjoy each others company. And I'm always on the lookout for fun ideas that will create awesome memories for my children. But sometimes, our traditions begin by accident.Like our traditional Friday night, movie night did....more

Patiently Await His Timing

Life isn't always easy and let's face it, times are tough in today's economy. Millions of Americans are struggling financially or otherwise. I can only imagine the long list of prayers our God is hearing day in and day out.Many of those prayers have likely been repeated over and over again from the same people. Maybe you're one of those people feeling like God isn't listening.I promise, He is listening and He has the perfect plan for you.Welcome to Walk-In-Faith Friday at ChristianSuperMom!...more