My Divorce: Do You Know What It's Like???

It's been 6 months since he moved out, 2 weeks since the divorce papers were filed.  19 years of marriage over.Do you know what it's like?To not be able to leave your house because every time you run into someone you know out in public and they ask you "how you are doing", you start to cry....more

After Divorce: Dreaming of Finding Love Again

I play out the scenarios in my head at least once a day.  The day I will be somewhere and meet a man quite by chance.  That moment will be like being struck by lightening.  His smile and his energy will feel like being electrocuted (but gently, in a good way).  He will feel it too and it will be obvious.  He will say hi, and I will smile shyly.  We will chat a little both of us feeling that there is something going on here that we can not describe....more
Oh dear--good luck with that. Is his white horse outside?   I am still waiting.  I know I am the ...more

My Son Has No Eyes!

My Son Has No Eyes It was during an ultrasound that I heard the terrifying words,  "I think that your baby's right eye didn't develop."About a month later at my next appointment, his concerns were confirmed.  Now it was my decision they said as to whether or not to continue with the pregnancy....more

The Million Dollar Question; Why??

Someone at my work asked me a question today.  She asked me if I had asked my soon to be ex-husband why he left.  No, I answered.  She looked at me funny but she could tell from my tone that she shouldn't go any further with her inquiries....more

13 Things I Lost During My Divorce

As my divorce papers are about to be filed these are just some of the things which I have lost so far:  1. My Husband and Best Friend He was the person who knew me best in the world and the person who I shared everything with.  He was the person who, at one time ,was my biggest fan; at times he believed in me more than I believed in myself.  ...more
Express Lisa Thomson Express: It may not save her any money, but it may make a big difference ...more

Things I Dont Want to Hear While Starting my Divorce!

Things a Person Going Through A Divorce Does Not Want to Hear! What I do not want to hear right now while starting my divorce:1.  "I never liked him much anyways" - Really?  And now you tell me?...more

How Do You Explain What Seeing Is????

How do you explain what seeing is to a child who has never seen anything at all?  This has been my challenge and dilemma for the past 9 years and I am still no closer to having the answer.  Josh was born totally blind and wears 2 prosthetic eyes.  We found out at 6 weeks old that his optic nerves never developed so he has literally never seen shadow, light, NOTHING!...more

YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS! Ridiculous things I have heard said to or about my blind son!

As the mother of a totally blind 9 year old son, Josh,  who has 2 prosthetic eyes, I have heard many crazy things said to or about him.  I have had people ask me if he can see with his prosthetic eyes, I have been asked, "Are you sure he is blind because I swear he is looking right at me."  One day as I was walking with him and he was using his cane a man said, "Oh look at you dressed up as a little blind boy today."  Now, I have a great sense of humor and can almost always laugh these things off but.......more

Not In The Mood To Be Stared At Today!

Today is just one of those days when I am not in the mood to be stared at.  You see I have a blind 9 year old son, Josh, who has 2 prosthetic eyes.  Josh has been blind since birth and so he doesn't know any different which is wonderful.  NO, I am not embarrassed of him!  In fact I LOVE to show off my amazing boy!  But I get so tired of ignorant people!  Now I do understand that it is not everyday that you see a blind child with a cane, so of course people are going to look.  And I don't mind people asking questions or commenting (except when they get...more