A Moment Behind the Hutu and Tutsi

Have you heard of the Hutu and the Tutsi sects? Does the political activity in Africa truly matter to you?It may cross your mind temporarily when you see a picture of a malnourished child, or hear a headline news story, yet most people are highly uneducated as to the complexities which are present throughout the region; both socially and politically....more

Irresistible Blackberry Cobbler

I love blackberries! Well, it's not a secret, I love most fruit, but there is something about berries I find irresistible. There is a refined and exquisite  quality about the Southern tradition of picking blackberries amidst the summer sunshine; skin aglow and heart skipping a beat! Imagine a young Southern boy, sitting beside his grandpa underneath a large oak tree, enjoying a freshly baked slice of blackberry cobbler. The warmth and comfort which this dessert brings is maximized by its ease; and it can even be enjoyed for breakfast....more

Warning: Focus on Gratitude & Forget the Shoes

There’s a story from college I remember as clearly as I do my dreams from last night. It is called Eternity and Time, a story from the intricate, thoughtful, delicate and otherwise seductive tales of Asian mythology; by far one of the subjects I enjoyed “studying” for most over the years. It takes me back to the long days of seminars, arriving to class a minute before it started with a hot vanilla latté in hand, pulling out my overflowing notebook and simultaneously checking out the fashion of the season....more