You're Stronger Than You'll Ever Know, Girly Girl!

When I turned 30, I realized that I will always be a girly girl no matter what, and being that meant I didn’t have to also be the shy, passive, girl that went along with that “idea” of being girly....more

You Sexy Thing

Being a girly girl, you would think I’d feel my sexiest all dolled up to the nines. i.e. full makeup, lipstick, high heels, a new dress. Those do make me feel more confident and happy of myself, but I feel sexiest when I’m actually in my natural beauty....more

Jennifer Aniston/Rachel Green:Girly Girl of the Month

Ah, Jen. Sweet, beautiful, charismatic, girly girl that you are.I fell in love with you when you were Rachel Green on Friends. You were ballsy enough to leave a man at the altar when you knew it didn’t feel right, and worked your way up from a waitress to the fashion industry. All the while looking so cute with your “Rachel” haircut. You are so loved then and still loved today!!...more

How Disney's movie Frozen Can Help Promote Mental Health Awareness

Disney’s newly beloved movie, Frozen is one of the best Disney movies I have seen. It’s right up there with the classics such as The Little Mermaid and The Beauty and The Beast. You all know the tale, as I’m assuming you’ve watched the movie already since it’s already won Best Song “Let It Go” and with the world knowing Kristen Bell has some serious vocal chords (total girl crush over here!) that can stand next to Idina Menzel (I mean, Adele Dazeem.)...more

Will Cursive Handwriting Become Extinct?

Can you write in cursive? More importantly, can you read it?I spent my afternoon writing to my pen pals. I loved writing my pen pals just as much as reading their letters. I wrote in regular font due to laziness, but I noticed one of my pen pals had written me in cursive handwriting. First of all, her penmanship is perfect! She could have a business of writing out people’s special events invitations for a side job....more