10 Under $100: Spring Handbags

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My New Role: Contributor at The Outfit by People StyleWatch

I am SO excited about my most recent career move. I’ve been given some really and truly amazing opportunities since starting there here blog in 2009 and this is definitely one of those proud...more

How To Choose An Anti-Aging Cream

With time the skin naturally starts to lose its elasticity regardless of your skin tone or ethnic background. Anti-aging creams are something that we all should consider when we start to notice signs of premature aging. The first sign is usually around the eyes since the skin in that area is extremely delicate ....more

Spring Wardrobe Essentials: 4 Things You Need

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LBS Beauty: How To Get Rid Of Dark Blemishes

Dealing with dark spots and blemishes can be tough. Acne breakouts can leave ugly scars behind for weeks at a time. The best way to eliminate breakouts starts with a nutritious diet of leafy green vegetables, lots of fruits and plenty of water ....more

Get Like Me: Actress Andrea Lewis

Editor’s Note: I am so incredibly excited to bring this series back to LoveBrownSugar! When I started the “Get Like Me” series way back in 2010, I created it to empower and inspire you all to dream big. This was a space...more

LBS Chic: Swimsuits For All GabiFresh Swim Sexy Collection

So you guys know I’m a huge fan of showing off my curves in a swimsuit. With all the options there are on the market these days for curvy girls, even in my post-baby body, I have no shame. I full embrace my lack of thigh gap and I think every girl should be comfortable in...more

3 Ways To Rock It: Floral

Spring will be here soon along with brighter wardrobes, less layers, and fun prints. One of our favorite Spring trends is floral. This trend isn’t reserved for 10 year olds on easter or your mother’s wallpaper! ...more

BBS Travel: Cadence’s First Passport Stamp Jamaica

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LBS Feature: Black Enterprise and Style Influencers Group

Growing up I went through a few different phases discovering what I wanted to be “when I grow up”. For the longest, I just knew I wanted to make babies feel better and be a pediatrician. I liked the idea of making people...more