Why tech firms market to women

Most of us have recently seen headlines such as this one: This is not your father's gadget: Tech firms target moms.  This constant Recession/Reform era re-positioning of Mom as "The CEO of This and That Domestic Role" has got me thinking about an insidious pattern of patronizing women...Take this quote from the article above:...more

Shots from a Thanksgiving kitchen

Up too late, chatting with Claude and stirring cranberry conserve. When I look around the counter I feel like giving thanks for being mom. ...more

"Busy" doesn't mean "significant"

I have to remind myself that managing my schedule effectively contributes to how satisfied I feel with my life. Take this week, for instance. My elderly neighbor had knee replacement surgery. She needed help with her cat. "Of course I'll help out," I said. No problem with that, I can manage a morning and evening visit to the cat before getting the kids to school, rushing to work in the morning and then repeating it all in the evening before dinner. But then ... ...more

Coco's weekly meal plan: Kid tested

When I returned to work a year ago I quickly realized that "creating" dinner the way I used to was unsustainable. My kids were tired, I was tired, homework and showers needed to happen, evening activities were calling. I couldn't just dash out for a few ingredients. It was too much. ...more

5 steps to successful cosmetic surgery

Whatever your thoughts on cosmetic surgery, the trend toward enhancement is most likely here to stay. So, do your research if you are thinking about getting work done. As you gather the facts, here are a few links from the cosmetic and plastic surgery project I produced for RevolutionHealth.com: ...more

Communicating with doctors: Practice when you're healthy!

Yesterday morning's news feeds brought my attention to 2 important stories: Men not told of severity of wife's cancer Breast-conserving surgery leaves many cancer patients disappointed I'm feeling like both of these stories reflect the same core issue: that we (men and women)are not empowered to seek ample information from care providers. So,what to do? ...more

Mother's day dare

On this mother's day, I dare you to: Cry when it seems safer to hold backRun when you have time to walkShare in the beauty of othersWithout envy or fear ... Contact the healing power of natureFind time for tolerance and understandingNotice what really hurts insideGive it a name and set it free Step out of your comfort zoneRead something that is a challengeOr say something that makes you quakeEspecially if it is loving ...more

3 pregnancy questions (you might be too shy to ask)

I have breast implants. Can I breast-feed? I'm already overweight, how much more weight can I gain? If my tubes are tied, can I conceive again? ...more

Help me, my attention span is...Did you hear how...What?

Ever wonder how much energy it took for fish to grow legs? Answer: A lot. Why do you already know this? Because while you're not growing legs, you are growing something ... and dare I surmise that "growing" anything takes a whole lot of energy. But since you probably hate this metaphor, I'll make my 2nd point quickly: Those fish were probably STRESSED OUT trying to get out of the pond and onto land. Could be that they were, indeed, even chased out. Even worse, they probably had no idea that they were growing legs...more: http://tinyurl.com/4kpt5d ...more

Hey - you get the humor in this! You are doing well, then. Thanks for posting and have a ...more

Regulatory Games and the Polar Bear, editorial in today's New York Times

I have a friend who is hard at work in the Bering Sea region for World Wildlife Fund. She wrote to me today expressing joy over the publication of today's NYT editorial urging Congress to intervene on behalf of the Polar Bear prior to the sale of large-scale oil leases in prime Polar Bear habitat. I excerpt below: ...more

Quoting an October 2007 Anchorage Daily News report ...more