Anita Hill Documentary

1991. Anita Hill....more

Fourth of July, 2014. Corruptio optimi pessima.

 I’m a West Wing girl. I mean, I love The West Wing. I think it’s the finest show ever written for TV, bar none. I think Aaron Sorkin is a genius, and if I could have lunch with one person who is alive today, believe it or not, it would be him....more

Saying Good Bye to Maya Angelou

I want to pay tribute to my friend, Maya Angelou. She passed away today, and I want to say a few things about her....more
How lovely is this, thanks for the read. debra p.more

It's Norman's Fault. How Normal Rockwell Duped America

I have been pondering who is to blame for the misconception of the “normal” American Family that we all struggle to overcome when our own families don’t quite measure up. Okay, forget the “don’t quite measure up.” Let’s call a spade a spade: Our families look nothing like the Leave it to Beaver, or evenModern Family models that we all love to turn on each week. There is no sign of the real sadness, anger, and stress of being part of an American family, and this makes us feel isolated in our inability to get it right....more
Dear Christine-- This was such a timely post for me.  I just spent a weekend in Stockbridge and ...more

Saying Good Bye to Christina Yang of Grey's Anatomy

Just as we might do for a family member who has end-stage cancer, we have to take some time to prepare for Cristina Yang’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy. I, for one, am not sure I can continue to watch it after she leaves. I believe she might be one of the greatest female characters ever written for TV....more
I am another Christina Yang fan, I want to thank you for this perfect tribute to her send off! ...more