Last Choice Not Revolving Door

We continue to discuss my son's input about where he should attend school next year (he already refuses to go back to homeschooling). We are at a stage of discussing pros and cons. Yesterday we had a discussion about the issue of choosing to stay where you know when you know the flaws but know the strengths versus going into something that is unknown that will not be all positive either ....more

Lack Of Limit Setting Is The Source of Packrat Clutter

In trying to live within reasonable limits I keep facing the fact that the issue with clutter and having too much stuff is the inability to set limits and to understand one's limitations. A packrat often feels helpless and overwhelmed as they feel there is so much they need to do and want to do (two separate things) and there is never enough time. Too often Americans think the solution is if only we had more time we could be more effective ....more

Finished Fretting For Homeschool Planning

Today a thought popped into my head out of the blue. I am finished with fretting over homeschool course planning, scope and sequence creation and comparing homeschool plans to the American college prep norm.What a relief.My first real stress over worry about doing things right was July before my oldest began homeschool Kindergarten. I had stupidly brought my first Rainbow Resource Center mail order catalog to the beach for our Cape Cod summer vacation ....more

Owning It

Term three of three for younger son has been great so far. It has been great to see him continue to take ownership of his education. He wants good grades now and not just some baseline learning regardless of grades ....more

Typical But Not Our Ideal

Last night my husband was really disappointed in two things that are happening which he found out about from me last night regarding our older son and then my son said some things to us about another issue. I watched as my husband's heart sunk right in front of my eyes. I was not as shocked as I had suspected my son was sliding and had started to think the worst and I was bracing myself to hear the worst news ....more

Praise For Winning vs. The Proess of Preparing

In our family we value process not product. Most of our time in life is spent doing things and preparing, doing small parts that lead to a whole. Many organized group things such as school, sports, or even Scouts with its ranks has different timeframe deadlines, ending points that usually conclude with having compeleted certain tasks or taking a test or competing in an event ....more

Homechooling & Schooling Planning Ahead Necessary

To take certain paths with your career it requires years of planning. To work in a certain field in your 20s you have to sometimes plan back to what courses are taken beginning in grade six. This should be known to all homeschoolers and parents of kids who use school.There is little wiggle room oftentimes for doing what is right this year and right now if it means going off the strict path ....more

Home Finally

Four of the last five weekends were full of our kid's activities. Three involved travel, the other weekend was be gone all day and home only to sleep.Monday of this week was the day when there was no fresh food in the fridge, just mostly moldy leftovers and condiments. Four loads of linens had been waiting to be washed and if I looked there are probably five loads of clothes to wash.I am taking these boring household tasks one by one ....more

Going To Get In Shape

Two weeks ago on a Sunday I woke up in the hotel bed with a numb arm and limited range of motion. As we flew home that day on two flights I got worse and worse to the point where I could not lift anything and could barely raise my arm. I was in pain ....more

Lone Star Regional FRC

In April 2015 my son's FIRST Robotics team competed at the Lone Star Regional in Houston, Texas. This was their third and last regional. It was the only regional I attended ....more