Random Thoughts: Summer Style

Amy drove with me to get Rebecca and we got to seeAbby, too! Great morning all around. Rebecca is home from camp! ...more

Dakota and my sleepless nights: a true story.

Rebecca has been gone for two weeks. Yes, that sounds like a long time and yes, it actually is a long time and yes, we miss her lots. But you want to know who really misses her? ...more

For the ‘rents

I originally started this blog to keep family in the South updated on our adventures up north. The blog has morphed a bit into other topics over the years, but sometimes you gotta get back to your roots. With that in mind, I bring you, “What We Did Over the Weekend with Amy!” The CMU Summer Theatre tour made its way to Beaver Island, a quaint place off the west coast of the Mitten ....more

Dust bunnies from heaven

God works in mysterious ways. He uses people, songs, scripture. And sometimes he uses dust ....more

The Feds for the Win

To say I’m no fan of government is an understatement. Huge understatement. Massive ....more

No hugging. Absolutely none.

I have sworn off hugging. Well, not for all time, but certainly for this week. I’m in Denver with Sean ....more


Considering how many tissues I trashed during his high school graduation, the fact that I did not shed one single tear during Michael’s college graduation was a major accomplishment. I thought I had conquered the tear ducts. I was in control of the crying! ...more

Work on the long game

Dear Michael, Twenty-two years ago, you made me a mom. Last weekend, you made me a MOECG, a Mom of Employed College Graduate. (Kudos to your Uncle Rodney for that acronym.) The speakers at your graduation ceremony made a big ol’ deal about all the hard work you and your fellow graduates put into your degrees ....more

When obedience (sort-of) backfires

Since they were little, we’ve told our precious bundles of joy that they were on a particular trajectory: high school, college, job. Unspoken in-between “college” and “job” is getting your own apartment and moving out. This all sounded so good in theory ....more

Brown hair and math coexist!

After months of searching on-line, scouring AutoTraders and test-driving several different vehicles, Rebecca welcomed a bright yellow 2008 Pontiac G5 into our family last Friday afternoon. Michael was there to witness and approve of the acquisition. Pontiacs as first car is a tradition for the Duffy children, and Rebecca was happy to keep that ritual alive ....more