Merry Christmas!

(Photo credit: Andi S.) Merry Christmas from the Duffy's! ...more

You smell like beef and cheese

Here's a little laugh to get you through the hours before Christmas Day. Can't beat Elf - just wish all Will Ferrell movies were this family-friendly: If you're in the East Lansing area and are looking for a Christmas Eve service, check out University Reformed Church at 7 pm.Merry Christmas Eve! ...more


I hardly know what to say. I was looking through the folders of pictures on my laptop, trying to get together a photo album of the year. I found a folder called, "Camera Roll" - I had no recollection of putting anything there but the mind's not what it used to be ....more

More mistletoe

I wondered how we started kissing under mistletoe so I turned to the ever-scholarly Pinterest. Here's what I found. No idea if it's true, so let's go with it: I hope Sean doesn't take his mistletoe on the road: And of course, what happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe ....more

Engineers think of everything

Remember when you were a kid and you got a really cool gift that needed batteries but you didn't get the batteries? It's like the giver thought, "I know she'll love just looking...more

There's no crafty corner in this house

Do you want to know why craft stores sell pre-made bows? Because it is not easy to make bows. Eight years ago, my Mom helped me make these bows: Unfortunately, being boxed after eight Christmases has left them looking a little shabby ....more

Dog fails, Pop Tarts and red shirts on Star Trek

I laughed way too hard at this. The dog ignoring the Frisbee is my fav: (HT: Althea)Super-excited to see Brian Regan this weekend. I imagine we'll hear this routine, which Rebecca can repeat verbatim ....more

A bunch o’ random stuff

Fourteen days until Christmas. This is the sweet spot where you think you still have plenty of time left but in reality, you are quickly running out of days. And by “you”, I mean “me” ....more

Christmas music 101

To say the advent of digital music has changed the way we buy and listen to albums is an understatement. (Do people even call them albums anymore?) We buy one song here, another song there… Who listens to an entire album from start to finish anymore? Why does that matter? ...more

Hippos and a Coke nativity

The ever-popular, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" was sung by a 10 year old girl - did you know that? Me neither! And goodness, music videos have changed a bit: I wonder if Coca-Cola saw this coming:Happy first weekend of December! ...more