Post-vacation fun

Disney has a new feature that films part of your ride - here we are on the Tower of Terror. I love roller coasters. Rides that just drop? ...more

Do you know this wizard?

Momentous occasions call for tears. Like seeing your baby roll over for the first time, or witnessing those first shaky step, or sending her off to school (kindergarten or college – you pick). I've cried at each of those events and fully expected the tears ....more

You are not the center of the universe. You're welcome.

I'm on a bit of a parenting kick - hope you'll enjoy this throwback to May, 2011. This post got a ton of traffic on BlogHer and generated lots of comments. The post may be a few years old but the thoughts included are timeless, if I do say so myself!_______________________ On Friday night, Sean and I took Rebecca to see the new Disney documentary African Cats ....more

Dad for the win

I’m passionate about parenting – the older I get, the more convinced I am that intentional parenting matters. It is hard work, it takes time but boy, is it worth it. So when Sean told me a story about a co-worker who has this parent thing down, I just had to share ....more

Friday Fun

Michael and Amy come home this weekend. I think I'm as excited as this dog: And two funnies in honor of Mother's Day:(HT: Etsy)(HT: Wanelo)Happy weekend - and don't forgot your Mom! ...more

Welcome to womanhood

A friend recently told me she tells her youngest (a junior in high school) that he's not a baby any more but that he'll always be her baby. That's how I feel about sweet Rebecca. It's easy to forget that she's a teenager because I still think of her as my baby ....more

Better visit next time

Knowing our kids’ friends has been a highlight of being parents, and thankfully that hasn't changed since they've moved on to college. During his three years at school we've gotten to know a few of Michael’s buddies and we’re getting to know some of Amy’s college friends, too. So when Amy told me she was bringing home a friend last Friday night I was thrilled ....more

Friday Fun

In light of my incident with the police, perhaps I should fashion my dashboard in a similar manner:(HT: BuzzFeed)If this were true, I'd be a dadgum math genius: (HT:...more

Random Thoughts, Birthday Edition

Yesterday was my birthday: #45. When I called my twin sister to wish her a happy birthday, she reminded me that I’ll always be older than she is. She does enjoy those extra six minutes of youth ....more

Bo and Luke never got tickets

Today’s public service announcement: when driving on a two-lane road, do not pass the car in front of you unless you are absolutely, 100% certain it is not a police car. Especially if you’re going 20 over the speed limit. Because there’s no getting out of that ticket ....more