Friday Fun, anniversary edition

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary. Seems fitting that we’re traveling to attend the wedding of my nephew, who served as our ring bearer all those years ago....more

Done in by math again

This is what I get for doing math, y’all. I posted a picture on Facebook of me and Sean facetiming with Amy. (Facetiming? ...more

One in every color, please

Amy’s college has a program that allows students to call for a safe ride to and from their dorms any time between 8 pm – 1 am. It’s a no-questions-asked ride, and we encouraged her to take advantage of that service, especially after her late-night theater rehearsals. But apparently, that’s the wrong approach ....more

School humor

We are really in full-school mode now. Took a week to feel it, but I definitely feel it now! I found a few funny school-related items and thought after this long week, a few laughs at education's expense was in order.This kid gets an A from me:This is definitely how I work ....more

Down with that patriarchy

I have never been so thankful to read something in a magazine. Ever. Ever ....more

Husband, we have a problem

Dear Sweet Husband, We have a problem. Last week, I found some great deals on a few Land’s End items for you. Polos, a sweater and shorts ....more

Teaching old dogs new tricks

Amy, this one's for you.Well, today is the first day of HPA rehearsals for the year. I'm helping out again, and this time we're doing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - yet another show I know nothing about. Well, that's not entirely true ....more

Random Thoughts

Ah, September. The start of another school year. Routine, how I love you!...more

Amy's 1st and 18th

Today's the day. The truck is packed (tarp and net secured extra-tight), and by noon today, she'll be all moved in, ready for her first day of college. And shortly thereafter, we'll be on the road with one less passenger.And to top it off, tomorrow is her birthday ....more

Hello, Mr. Policeman

My little car doesn’t have enough storage space to move the kids to school, so Sean borrowed a truck from someone at work. This week, we’ll load up the back with all of Amy’s stuff to take her to school. And this week, we will secure the tarp and net much better than we did last week when we loaded the truck with Michael’s stuff ....more