"Who would ban books?!"

Rebecca and I stopped by our local library on Monday. She wanted to check out the Harry Potter audio books and I just love being around all those books so it’s not hard to get me in there. As we sat and read a bit, she noticed this sign: And she was appalled ....more

We know sexy

After 23 years of marriage, we know how to celebrate our anniversary. We go somewhere for a weekend, get good food, then walk for miles to work off that good food. And then we head back to the hotel room, get cozy under the sheets and map out our calendars for the rest of the year.* Oh yes, friends ....more

Put down the white shoes and nobody gets hurt

In honor of Labor Day, I wore white pants yesterday. And last night, I threw them in the laundry basket to be washed and put away until Memorial Day. Because all Southern girls were taught not to wear white after Labor Day ....more


It’s the time of year for hellos and goodbyes. Hello to the new school year, new friends, new schedules. Goodbye to sleeping in, vacation days, lazy summer schedules ....more

He's Cold. Very Cold.

Michael's obsession with James Bond is the reason that he's been cold for three years....more

Early birthday love

August 21, 1996: life was pretty normal. August 22, 1996: everything changed. Because that was the day Amy Elizabeth entered the world ....more

Help me, Meg and Katie. You're my only hope!

Thankfully summer is here and Amy is not wearing socks with her sandals. I wrote about her style faux pas back in March. Some tried to convince me that look was in this season - just because some people think socks and sandals are "in" doesn't mean they're right ....more

I blame Pinterest

I just wanted to re-do the school room. We used to need three desks and we’re down to only needing one. Plus, the room was still builder-beige – it desperately needed some color, something I’d been saying since we moved in ten years ago ....more

Sean and the (yummy) Minions

Pretty sure the target age for the new Minions movie is around 10 years old, which is probably why this box of Twinkies is branded with the little yellow guys. When I saw the box in the grocery store this morning, I knew I had to bring it home, even though I don't currently have any 10 year olds living under my roof. But I do have an almost 50-year-old in my house who really loves Kevin, Stuart and Bob, the Three Stooges of the cartoon world ....more

Weather and Shark Week Random Thoughts

June was not my favorite month this year. And considering there was no snow, that’s saying something. There wasn’t snow but the temps were and continue to be very low ....more