Random Thoughts, Vegas edition

Sean and I decided to quit giving each other Christmas presents and instead go somewhere together as our gift. For our first destination we picked Las Vegas. Several people asked why I wanted to go there – like it was beyond the possibility that this non-drinker, non-smoker, non-gambler would want to go to Sin City ....more

Parachutes of hope, love and care

Ever feel that urge to send an encouraging text or email? Maybe you go old-school, get out pen and paper and send an actual letter? Do you then wonder if your small act of kindness meant anything? ...more

Many, many thanks

All I can say is thank you. Thank you for the comments and prayers and messages you sent concerning my Aunt Sue and her battle with glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer. Thank you from me and my family, immediate and extended ....more


As I type this, I’m sitting in McDonald’s, where I hang out during Rebecca’s geography class. I get my fill of fountain Diet Coke and free Wi-Fi, and the gas tank gets a rest. I’m reasonably well-dressed, my hair is done and I have on make-up ....more

Who needs a laugh? I do!

So, it's been an off-week for writing. Michael went back to school yesterday, and Amy leaves on Sunday... trying to focus on the great Christmas break we had together and not on the fact that they won't be home for dinner on Monday.Also, it snowed ....more

Random Thoughts, New Year’s edition

Today marks the day we close the door on Christmas vacation and head back to real life. Goodbye to visits with family, goodbye to sleeping in, goodbye to days with no schedules or classes or homework. I’m not terribly fond of this day… I have quite enjoyed seeing blank spaces on my calendar ....more

Top Post of the Year

Many, many heartfelt thanks for those of you who read my blog. Your comments, both on the blog, Facebook and in person mean the world to me. I'm a writer, and I'd write even if no one read a word, but knowing there are people who enjoy what I write is pretty stinkin' sweet ....more

Awkward hugging rises to the top

The post on my inappropriate hugging garnered lots of responses - re-reading it brought back the nausea I felt when it happened. Ugh. I'm sticking to hand shakes.Well that was awkwardMay 5, 2014faux pas (/foʊˈpɑː/ plural: faux pas /ˌfoʊˈpɑːz/): a socially awkward or tactless act, especially one that violates accepted social norms, standard customs, or the rules of etiquette ....more

Year-End Wrap Up

Everywhere we turn this week we’ll see the Top Ten (fill in the blank) of 2014. Top Ten Songs, Top Ten Movies, Top Ten Games… ‘tis the season for the year-end wrap ups. I’ve been writing Where I Am for nearly nine years, and each December I enjoy looking back at the most popular posts of the year ....more

Merry Christmas!

(Photo credit: Andi S.) Merry Christmas from the Duffy's! ...more