Random Thoughts

My baby boy went on a business trip this week. He flew from Detroit to Charlotte, then on to Asheville. He rented a car ....more

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you

In the last five years I’ve traveled to Whoville, Scotland, Prince Edward Island, Oz, a poultry farm, Penzance, the bottom of the ocean and Egypt and all without leaving Lansing. I visited those places on the stage of the Charlotte Performing Arts Center as I worked as the production manager for Homeschool Performing Arts. And I loved it! ...more

My Tony Campolo scoop

The announcement that Tony Campolo now calls for the full inclusion of Christian gay couples in the church did not surprise me in the least; I reported as much 24 years ago. Campolo was a keynote speaker at a lecture series hosted by my alma mater, Spring Arbor College (now Spring Arbor University). Shortly before he arrived on campus, Cornerstone Magazine published an open letter to Campolo in response to comments in his book 20 Hot Potatoes Christians are Afraid to Touch ....more

Another win for the parents

Rebecca and I recently went to dinner with a party of 12 – all from one family. And by one family I mean one nuclear family: dad, mom and 10 kids ranging in age from 1 – 14. This dear family invited us to have pizza with them while Sean was out of town and I gladly took them up on their kind offer ....more

Someone knew the Wizard!

When I posted the story about Rebecca in Ollivander’s wand shop at Universal Studios, I desperately hoped the power of the internet would direct me to the helpful wizard who made our visit unforgettable. Little did I know I only needed to contact one of my first friends and God-sister, Jennifer. My mom went to college with Jennifer’s parents, and they became so close that they were named my Godparents ....more

The 'Bird flies again

A few weeks ago I was down one Duffy man, but another came in his place. Sean was out of town on business, but his dad, Chuck, was here – he’d come up to do a major repair job on the Firebird. And...more

Post-vacation fun

Disney has a new feature that films part of your ride - here we are on the Tower of Terror. I love roller coasters. Rides that just drop? ...more

Do you know this wizard?

Momentous occasions call for tears. Like seeing your baby roll over for the first time, or witnessing those first shaky step, or sending her off to school (kindergarten or college – you pick). I've cried at each of those events and fully expected the tears ....more

You are not the center of the universe. You're welcome.

I'm on a bit of a parenting kick - hope you'll enjoy this throwback to May, 2011. This post got a ton of traffic on BlogHer and generated lots of comments. The post may be a few years old but the thoughts included are timeless, if I do say so myself!_______________________ On Friday night, Sean and I took Rebecca to see the new Disney documentary African Cats ....more

Dad for the win

I’m passionate about parenting – the older I get, the more convinced I am that intentional parenting matters. It is hard work, it takes time but boy, is it worth it. So when Sean told me a story about a co-worker who has this parent thing down, I just had to share ....more