Amy's 1st and 18th

Today's the day. The truck is packed (tarp and net secured extra-tight), and by noon today, she'll be all moved in, ready for her first day of college. And shortly thereafter, we'll be on the road with one less passenger.And to top it off, tomorrow is her birthday ....more

Hello, Mr. Policeman

My little car doesn’t have enough storage space to move the kids to school, so Sean borrowed a truck from someone at work. This week, we’ll load up the back with all of Amy’s stuff to take her to school. And this week, we will secure the tarp and net much better than we did last week when we loaded the truck with Michael’s stuff ....more

Friday Fun

As many who grew up in the 80's, Robin Williams was just a part of my existence. I enjoyed his movies, and thankfully, YouTube wasn't around then so I never knew how blue his stand-up was. He was just this incredibly talented, gifted, funny guy in movies that I loved ....more

One down, one to go

(Well, technically two to go, but #3 isn't going any time soon, and that thought brings me comfort. So join me in denial - it's currently working for me.)We got child #1 moved in yesterday. It was quick because he had to run to an RA meeting, so no long goodbye ....more

Random Thoughts

Michael heads back to school on Wednesday. Amy goes eight days later. Hey, I typed that without crying! ...more

Words have meaning!

Thanks to Dave Hinkley, who sent this to me. Honestly, the dancing punctuation marks make my day: Happy weekend! ...more

Thank you, Mood!

Aside from the major tourist sites in NYC, I really wanted to see Mood, the fabric store made famous by the TV show Project Runway. I started watching it when Sean got transferred to Lansing and my nights became very lonely. Pretty sure I watched way too much TV in the five months we were apart… Anyway, PR is a show about fashion designers – I like it because it’s a reality show that requires skill ....more

At least I can say I saw it

I love Law and Order. I’ve loved it for years; it’s a ridiculous obsession that I have since passed on to Amy. We enjoy taking in an episode every once in a while – it’s good bonding time for us ....more

If only she'd had 4 wheels

Duffy men love cars. Michael loves cars. Sean loves cars ....more

Friday Fun

A good laugh for those of us who love engineers. Sean, I think you'll relate, especially at the :55 mark: Happy weekend! ...more