Gluten free, sick babies, and running humor

Looking for an eclectic laugh? Look no further!These guys just make me laugh:...more

No good deed

My husband has a long fuse. Long. Near eternal ....more

Random Thoughts

The Northwood University International Auto Show was a huge success. Michael did a great job interacting with the various TV and radio station representatives. We even got to watch one of his interviews: What you don't see in this picture is the group of four grandparents, two sisters and two parents, acting like tourists, snapping pictures like crazy people ....more

NUIAS, here we come!

That we are going to a car show this weekend is not surprising. What is surprising is that Michael will meet us there, sporting a coat and tie, walkie-talkie firmly in hand. Because he's helping run it ....more

Crying won't kill either of you - I promise!

You know those old ladies who tell you exactly what they’re thinking? The ones with no filter, who figure they've lived long enough to earn the right to say whatever the heck they want? And then they say, “Bless your heart!” and go back to talking about their ailments? ...more

Friday Fun

Oh, y'all. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. He's so funny that I'll even forgive his Pepsi reference at the end ....more

Today's theme: arts and crafts!

Rule #1 for successful blogging: stick with a topic. Don’t bounce around and write about this today and that tomorrow – pick a subject and stick with it. This could very well my blog's downfall– it's a bit ADD ....more

Amy's order of operations

We have a big ol' whiteboard in our school room. It’s been used for various math problems and all manner of science stuff, as well as a place to put copy work when the kids were younger. It’s also been a canvas for various art projects ....more

The ring bearer's wearing the ring

Our ring bearer, my cousin, Brandon, was the most adorable little guy. He was a sweet, kind kid who was a joy to be around. His dad, my Uncle Richard, was the ring bearer in my mom's wedding, and I loved the idea of carrying on that family tradition....more

Friday Fun, anniversary edition

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary. Seems fitting that we’re traveling to attend the wedding of my nephew, who served as our ring bearer all those years ago....more