The Christmas Jerk

It happens every year. Someone acts a complete fool at Christmas. It's that awkward moment where you wish you had magical powers to wiggle your nose and leave the room.  I wasn't in the room this year when it happened, but it happened. ...more

It's official... and I'm excited!

It is finished. Ready to order.  I had bought two copies and made an enormous amount of changes - but now, it is really ready.  Ready for you to read if you want to. ...more

Mother's Day without a mom...

Mother's Day is such a wonderful idea.  Mother's do many things without recognition.  They have many jobs and responsibilities - and taking a day to say "thanks" is lovely, and so appreciated by all the momma's out there. It is fun to be a momma.  It is fun to be celebrated.  It is a joy to me to see the things that my children have made me - by hand.  They are so proud - and I am so honored to be honored by them.  It is sweet. ...more

A (Grown-up) Girl and Her love of Chocolate Milk

It's silly, really.  But, I know I have had several posts on my blog about chocolate milk. Do you do that?  I feel a bit crazy.  But, I mean it, I love the stuff.I am celebrating Lent this year.  I have never done this before.  I have given things up for a period of time.  But, never at THIS time of year.  I have never chosen to give up something for 40 days when many people in the world are doing the same thing. ...more

*Opinions please* I need your thoughts...

Can you please tell me what your top one or two frustrations are (were) about raising young kiddos.  What issues did you feel like there were no (good) answers for?  What are you struggling with right now? Bed time? Biting? Sharing?  Sibling Rivalry? Feel free to explain as much or as little as you want!  I am writing a book and want to see the topics that are relevant to a lot of people, not just the things I struggled (and am still struggling) with. Thanks for sharing - I appreciate your thoughts!!  Enjoy your day!...more

Quarterly Bucket List Update...

Can you believe 1/4 of the year is almost gone?  When I wrote "A Bucket List of Sorts", I was thinking that somehow this year, I would slow down...  Well, until this month, I have not done so good with that! What are your lists?  What are the things that you want to accomplish? Don't waste this year!!!  Don't let your year control you! ...more

An Adoption Story That Never Gets Old

The phone rang at 5:18 Sunday, December the 7th in the evening. Something inside of us just knew. Ken even knew that she was already born, already here, just waiting for us to come and get her. We listened carefully as Don helped us understand that situation. Now, I will back up, because already we have missed some very important points....more

A Jacked-up system makes for messy childcare....

I am not one to get on soap-boxes (typically), but there is so much ignorance about Childcare. I love that there is a department that makes it their business to see that children are kept safe.  I love that there are rules that people have to follow in order to be "licensed".  Rules are important.  Rules save lives and keep kids safe. But, please understand that rules for the sake of rules and taken out of context niether protect children, nor reflect accurately what happens in a facility....more

didn't mean to post yet... still working... be back soon

I am not one to get on soap-boxes (typically), but there is so much ignorance about Childcare. ...more

The Language of Adoption

I never knew that there was a special language for adoption until we adopted.  I think most people haven't been taught in their normal vocabulary that there is a secret language - a very special language for adoption.    I hadn't.  ...more