The Time I Queried the World: Do All Holes That Dogs Dig Lead to China?

Do you know what? I am so behind today that I need to wear pants on both my lower and upper halves. (Perhaps I should trademark that joke. Not only would I be behind, but I'd be a dumb@ss, too.☺) ...more

7 Unexpected Ways Living With Dogs Is Like Living With Babies

Based on my personal experience, having had three of each (dogs and babies). For the record, I came up with a whole page of hand-written ways; these are just a few of the less obvious ones. 1. A formed BM (after a sustained period of "unformed" BMs, aka horrible, explosive s#^t that necessitates a bath/shower/laundry/or infected item(s) thrown--using tongs and rubber gloves--in the outside garbage) is cause for loud celebration....more

Elfin Jar Hog, or: How to Turn Your Pet's (or Anyone's) Name into an Anagram

Hey, wanna know a secret? I can't believe I'm writing a how-to on making pet name anagrams. Because why didn't someone do it a long time ago?! ...more

I Would Do Anything for a Ball, but I Won't Do That

A few things first: <> This is not that kind of blog. <> There is nothing parodic about this post, other than the title, speaking of which... <> Thanks, Meat Loaf ....more

Classic Cardigan (Do-Over): I Was a Dumb@ss Newbie in Three Dog Bakery

On December 29, 2010, I published the first post on this blog. It was an e-holiday card that I'd made of the dogs. I thought it was cute (and clever, frankly) and wanted the entire world to see it....more

Beer Bottle Cap Pet ID Tags, plus TAKE THE QUIZ on Dogs + Beer in Pop Culture!

Note: This blog post contains a short quiz on dogs & beer in pop culture. You should take it (because I made it for you with lots of <3<3<3, dang it!)...right after these important illustrated messages! So, have you seen...more

Soapy Corgis, Dog Packs Online and OMG, Facebook Ads Work!

Note: If you came here for the Facebook stuff, and don't like looking at adorable, soaped up Corgis getting baths, then you can here...more

Classic Cardigan: The Stupidly Shocking Aladdin Parody (and a bonus, or two)

Bonus #1: I did a little (opposite-of-scientific) comparative study that I'd like to share: Things I Dread Today versus Things My Dogs Dread Today Note: At first, I wasn't sure that my dogs were even capable of the dread emotion, but then, I remembered this post, and this post, and this post, and decided that, yes, they in fact are. Everything is dreadful. Things I Dread Things My Dogs Dread Formatting this table in HTML Not getting enough attention, because they saw me sit down to format this table in HTML Cleaning my house for company (because in the absence of company, I wouldn't be) The monsters that will be coming out of the vacuum, dust rag, spray bottle and paper towels, when I start to clean Going potty after having been in labor for several hours and having a baby(Okay, fine, I haven't dreaded this for 10 years; it's just that have trouble un-remembering it at times like this.) Going potty after having been neutered (And, no, this NEVER happened - the dread part, that is.) Conclusions: <> HTML is for the birds ....more

The Unbearable Cuteness of Being Free

Note: I have not read the novel, nor seen the film adaptation of The Unbearable Lightness of Being; however, I can tell you that one of he main characters of both is a dog named Karenin. Perhaps I should check it (the book) out. <><><><><> So, for this American Independence Day, as a gift to you, I present 29 narrative-free photos of Jon Farleigh and Dewi wearing cheap patriotic accessories from Target ....more

I Got Some Ice Cream; You Cannot Have Some...Unless You Win It; I Hope You Win It!

Preface: So Purina was all, "It's summer and we're starting this Frosty Paws (doggie ice cream) travel promotion, and we'd like to send you a bunch of cool (free) stuff (Frosty Paws coupons and travel gear), to keep for yourself and to give away on your blog..." And I was like, "ICE CREAM!!!! ICE CREEEEEAM!!!! (I project on the dogs sometimes)" Then Jon Farleigh and Dewi were all, "MoooOOm! ...more