Anniversary of the Newtown Event

Yesterday I read about The Grandparents of Newtown.It is published in the December 2013  issue of the AARP magazine.Four sets of grandparents tell their stories about losing their grandchild on that awful day last year.I myself am a grandparent to 7 wonderful grandchildren  and I wouldn't want to imagine my life without them.I read those stories and the tears from that tragic event came back.There are so many things that happen in this world we live in that there are no answers for  and there most likely never will be an answer for.Why were the children perceived as a threat ...more

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Well,I have been getting in the spirit of Christmas here at home. I have my tree up and had invited my granddaughter over to help me decorate.Her and her younger brother put up the christmas window decorations. Today I put  a string of christmas lights over the top of the sliding glass window as we don't use that to enter or exit.I have been admiring my work!A week ago I watched the movie ,"Christmas with the Kranks" and "Home Alone"...more

Mary Hunt's Debt Proof Living

Since I have gotten in a debt mess,I have decided to join Mary Hunt's debt proof living.She has several video tutorials that help to explain how to use this money management plan.She says you could set up a second checking account called your freedom account that you put  money in to cover your irregular expenses like vehicle registrations,flat tires,etc.You make subaccounts in one account.There is an awesome freedom account manager on the site....more

A way to help the people of the Philippines

I have discovered a way to help the people of the Philippines that have survived the typhoon.When I sell on eBay I donate a percentage for a charity that is providing assistance to them.Mercy Corps and American Red Cross are just a couple of the organizations that are providing help to them....more

Halloween Costume Contest at work

The boss told us we could dress up for Halloween and there would be costume judging,but,I still can't make my mind up what to be. I looked around in the dollar store today.I looked at Groucho Marx glasses. I looked at princess crowns. I looked at fairy princess wings. I don't know .She said we could wear a halloween t shirt so maybe that's the route I will go.The prize will be a gift card....more

Who wants to budget their money?

A Budget can be a very useful tool . If you want to make goals for saving, paying off debt and  being organized on payday. I have decided to incorporate the ideas of YNAB .If we give all of our dollars a job we can be a more confident spender knowing we have a spending plan. I also think the idea of living on last month's income this month is definitely a fantastic idea! I am doing my best to get to that time in my life. How awesome would that be?...more

When you take your grandkids out to eat

Last Saturday I took two of my grandkids out to eat at a buffet style restaurant.My grandson had been gone for a while picking out what he wanted to eat while my granddaughter and I were sitting at our table with our food.Finally he came and sat down. We noticed that his plate had nothing on it so his sister said,"You realize you don't have any food on your plate ,don't you?" He  looked down at his plate with disbelief and said," I watied in line for all that time and my cookie must have fell off my plate." All three of us had a good chuckle over it....more

How to help your grandson with his homework

A few days ago my nine year old grandson needed help with his harvest moon poem so here is what we started out with  Leaves are in the trees. Leaves are turning brown and falling on the ground.Now I have to rake for goodness sake! Guess I need a break!We didn't like the first poem we came up with so made another one.I can see the moon. It is the harvest moon. It is way up in the sky like a big orange balloon. What do you see? Do you see the harvest moon? ...more

Miley Cyrus from child star to...

I think Miley Cyrus has lost her mind!  One day she will look back and regret her actions with the vma and her nudie music videos.One day she might have kids and I would doubt that she would them seeing how their mom  had acted in the past! I shudder to think of such things,but never the less that is something I have been wondering about since  I've been hearing about all her latest escapades.Some people might like to watch a trashy acting person,but not me. I give her a big thumbs down....more

If I were an apple

If I were an apple I would want to be a granny smith apple.The reason is because that was my husband's favorite kind of apple and he liked to put salt on them. He passed away in 2007  from a heart attack....more