Childcare is a Life and Death Issue

Last week, a Long Island freelance news anchor, Michael Baldwin was called into work for Thursday. In this economy, you don't say no. Scrambling for a sitter until late Wednesday evening, with the baby's mother away, Baldwin finally called someone he did not know well, an acquaintance of his wife's, Teresa Coffey."And finally when I had no one else to call, I called her on Wednesday night and she said she would love to do it." Michael Baldwin...more

In My Own Skin: Women, Bodies and Beauty


The World's To Do List: United Nations Week

The energy and story telling are inspiring.  And you don't have to be in New York.  Live streaming is here  If you can't watch the streaming, a special media site has been set up here highlighting all that's happening through the course of the week. ...more

Changing the World, One Mother At A Time

I am a mother.  I am lots of other things but as society continues to discount and undervalue this role, it is easy to get frustrated and not claim it as loudly as I should.  The world talks about how important mothers are.  Yet often mothers are the last ones on the list to be asked for their opinion about the issues that affect them.  The blogging and social media revolution is turning that around as the mothers who blog morph into a powerful global force. ...more

Power, Platforms and the M-word

"Don't get mad, get elected."As BlogHer 2010 highlighted in spades, from the seemingly trite to the life altering, women who blog are reinventing med...more

Harry Potter, Running and a Guilt Free Work Life

I confess I've been a tad discombobulated (is that not one of the finest words in the English language?).  Mostly because I made a conscious decision to relax.  For a whole week.  Yep, you read me right.  Work life balance for me often plays out as family, work, family, work, family, work.  It's about choosing the things that give me the greatest joy.  And those are the things that do.  But in the process, I've not been charging my own batteries as well as I should.  ...more

Work Life Balance and the Boys Club

“I was telling myself, deal with it, this is how I bring home the money.” ...more

Rugby, Three Year Olds and Perspective Taking

Yesterday my three year old crushed my 17mth old in a huge tackle worthy of a Wallabies front row forward (that's the Australian Rugby Union team my friends).  Said baby began t...more

Father of Five Talks Work Life Balance

“I am not working to put (my kids) into every single extra curricular activity; I am working so we can be together.”...more