Michelle Obama's first 100 days

Michelle Obama has swept the world stage with her energy, beauty and dynamism. She's athletic, smart, fit and serves as the great role model for mothers and wives around the world. Married to a super-successful and talented husband, she is coming into her own at her speaking engagements and making sure her policy initiatives are top of mind with key members of the legislature. She is growing veggies in the garden, allowing her children to have the puppy they so desired and still manages to have date nights with her husband.   ...more

Latin American Summit - Grading Obama on his trip

Our newly-elected President Obama just returned from a trip to Trinidad to meet with leaders of Latin American nations to fortify our relationships with them. He met with Hugo Chavez and other controversial leaders and came back feeling that he made progress in opening the door to a new chapter in Latin-American/U.S. relations. Everyone feels optimistic that his charm and intelligence will signal a new era in global policy to elevate the U.S.'s image abroad. ...more

Hello from sunny Miami Beach

I'm a fairly new transplant from New York enjoying the beautiful weather sans hurricanes in Miami Beach for almost 3 years now. I don't miss shoveling snow, and love the lifestyle here that allows you to get out every day and exercise - swim/walk, etc. It's a growing city that is cosmopolitan with people from all over the world living here. I hope you enjoy my blog entries about travel and food, two of my favorite hobbies. ...more