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When Your Child Dies and You Don’t Know How to Pray…

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8 Prayers I Want to Pray for Our Children

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He is What I Need (Abide Challenge #2)


Only One Life…

Today my dad turns 65. And on Sunday our pastor read a poem by C.T. Studd that I want to share here as I pause for a moment to thank God for my dad. There are many reasons I respect and love him, but.. ....more

Messy Beautiful Love

It’s celebration day for a special friend! Darlene Schacht, also known as Time Warp Wife, has been my friend for several years now…and she has encouraged me more times than.. ....more

“He shall write for himself a copy…” (The 30 Day Challenge)

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This hope is an anchor for my soul…

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Talking With Your Children About the Persecution of Christians

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Ways to Help Your Child Build Friendships

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