I Was Fired Yesterday

From www.cindafuckingrella.comI was fired yesterday. I haven’t had this much fun since I held my grandmother’s hand all night, while she gasped for air until she finally died. This is right up there with my miscarriage three years ago.Well. No one died this time, let’s gain some perspective, people.Except a little part of me did die.Working in HR, I have been on the other side of the table numerous times. Taking that high-road-like, analytical perspective, in was an interesting and learning experience, holding the shit end of the stick....more

Top 10 Lame-Ass Facebook Updates

On Facebook the ”90–9–1″ rule applies.  This rule states that 1% of people create content, 9% edit or modify that content, and 90% view the content without contributing.So with only one percent of all the people creating real content, I on the one hand would like to encourage more people to contribute. On the other hand, I see why some people shrug off the whole concept of Facebook as a lame waste of time....more

Mother Nature - That Bitch!

The other day, as I was applying eye make-up, I noticed that each time I dragged the brush across the eye lid, the skin followed the brush, like some stray dog, following you on the street. The skin used to just sit where it sat. With age, gravity has become a Natural Law that makes itself known.When I was nursing my second child, I was equal parts mortified and fascinated by the fact that I was now able to nurse the kid lying down. On my back! One more kid and I’ll be able to nurse lying down on my back with the kid in the other room....more

Je T'Adore Means Shut The Door

Once, as my boyfriend of 3 months – now husband of 1.000 years – got out of bed, he farted. Just a wee little friendly passing of gas – but my reaction came promptly: “I REALLY don’t think we should do that kind of thing in front of each other!” I look back at that now and marvel. These days, all gates are wide open. One person is taking a dump while the other is brushing their teeth.Now, while there is something quite wonderful about really KNOWING your partner, perhaps some things were better left… Mysterious?...more

The Life And Loves of Mary

Mary was born in 1917. She was a fragile child, being born almost killed her. At 8 she came close to dying again, even a bursting appendix did not kill her. She barely made it – but she made it.She grew into a true beauty, petite and with wide eyes....more

Other People Having Sex

I once lived next to a rather boring-looking couple. Sweet. Two kids. Not much going on.All of a sudden, she lost a bunch of weight and showed up with corn-rows. Being very white – and not in the Bo Derek way – this was not a becoming look for her. Not a “10″ in sight. Then she moved out, they got a divorce. All was quite....more

Thoughts On Gratitude

Some time ago, I saw horrific a little note in the paper. It mentioned that a family of four from my hometown had had a violent traffic accident, which killed the mother and 5 year-old while the father and one year old survived. I desperately went over my list of friends and was relieved to conclude that it wasn’t any of them. Then my mother called and it turned to be someone I did know – peripherally, but still....more