Getting Through Life

April 20thWow!  Life has been tough this month.  "They" say the world will end this December but if my world makes it through May it will be a small miracle.My dad is still with us.  Every day he's a little slower and a little more confused.  Poor guy.  Some days I really miss my dad.  I love this little old man dearly but......more

A Night in the Life of....

Eeek.  The day is almost over and I haven't posted because....I've been fixing my computer.  Argh!  Must have been an April Fool hacker.  Anyway I restored, uninstalled, reinstalled and I think I am up and running again.  I should have been writing my poem for National Poetry Month.  I'm a little distracted by the Academy of Country Music Awards show.  Them boys in tight Tim McGraw in anything.  Oh, my....more

Just Another Saturday

Hey, I'm back....more

What I've Been Doing

      Okay.  It's been awhile since I've checked in here.  So long, in fact, that I couldn't remember my login name.  But I want to attempt the poem a day challenge so I figured I should practice writing here.  Also, I read a great blog by "A Girl and Her Glue Gun" (I think).  She is awesome and had suggestions for maintaining a blog.  Number one is to submit a post at least three times a week.  So I want to get accustomed to writing and then I'll post some of the crafts that I do with my grandchildren (and some I do all by myself)...more

Trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

   This is my first attempt at blogging.  I decided to just jump in and learn as I go.  I already have a problem in that I can't find a picture of myself to use for my blog.  I have lots of pictures of grandchildren and other family members.  So first order of business is to take a picture of myself to use here.  Then I'll have to learn how to switch out the pictures.  I read the directions so hopefully it will go as easy as it looks....more