Never Assume You Know Your Teens, Even If You're Sure You Do!

A few weeks ago, I was at a funeral for an aunt that had passed away. She was almost 90, had made me laugh with her stories and memories of being a poor Polish girl growing up in Newark, NJ. She was tough and funny and smart, and left an impression on everyone she met, from family members to the people in the line at the grocery stores to the nurses in the hospital. Her sister was devastated and inconsolable, and my cousin had asked me to watch after her and stay by her side during the whole affair, which I did gladly....more

Teens and Secrets; Never Assume You Know

I know, I know...teenagers are infamous for keeping secrets. But there are secrets and then there are "secrets". There are the kind that lots of teens have; they tried beer at a party, they have a crush on the boy in their English class, they got a piercing...the there are the ones they keep to themselves, the dangerous ones that if revealed would shake the worlds of those that love and protect them, family members that stay awake nights praying for their safety and happiness. ...more
I hear you. So much of what you describe has been our story. It is painful to realize that this ...more

A Friendly Focus

I have never quite been able to get the hang of friendships.  At 48 years old, I have been through the gamut..from acquaintances to deeply personal and enduring friendships that are the things of chick flix. But for some reason, things just never quite seem to add up for me, and I just don't get how people have these friends that are like their "twin soul" who have stood with them through thick and thin, whose friendship is undying and loyal.I thought I understood that after a 20 year friendship, but apparently I was wrong....more